4 Days of Yoga, Healing Arts & Movement at GrassRoots Festival

Grass4 Days of Yoga, Healing Arts and Movement Workshops at Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance.

In its 5th year, the Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival will include a variety of movement arts programming, including several yoga classes daily, Tensegrity workshops and morning meditation. In line with their belief that the festival experience can be rejuvenating and holistic, the festival has partnered with Trio Yoga to offer Hatha and Acro Yoga classes as well as booking visiting teachers from their New York yoga community. A guided morning meditation offers a beautiful start to the festival day, in the beachside Meditation and Movement Arts tent, with larger classes taking place under the GrassRoots Dance Tent.
The Healing Arts Tent will offer massage and other body-work modalities all four days of the festival as well. Attendees can schedule a massage between their favorite musical acts, take a break from the dance floor, and return to the stages refreshed.
The GrassRoots Festival organization has long included movement and healing arts in the broad mix of programming quintessential to their lifestyle events. This programming is one of the varied attractions that draw such a diverse community to the 4-day festival. Festival coordinators encourage interactive attendance, a model of engagement in which attendees and performers co-create the artistic experience of community and celebration together.

Full schedule listed below:
9am: Morning Meditation

9am: Morning Meditation
9am: Morning Yoga Asana with Hilary Davis
10am: Tensegrity Practice with Jordan Puryear
11:15am: Open Heart/Open Mind Yoga with Rachel VerValin
Noon: Vinyasa Flow with Emma Silverman
1:30: Tibetan Yoga with Guido Porto
3pm: Radiant Wakefulness Flow with Lara Green

9am: Morning Meditation with Guido Porto
9am: Morning Yoga Asana with Rene Martina and China Opland
10am: Tensegrity Practice with Jordan Puryear
Noon: Acro Yoga Workshop with Arianne Traverso of Trio Yoga
1:30pm: Empath Yoga with Erica Boucher
3pm: Happy Hips Yoga Rachel VerValin

9am: Morning Meditation
9:30am: Morning Yoga Asana, Mindful Movement with Jessica Londono
10am: Tensegrity Practice with Jordan Puryear
10:30am: Dynamic Hatha with Michelle Berlin of Trio Yoga
Noon: The Art of Relaxation with Emma Silverman and Ilana Berman
1:30pm: Heart Opening Yoga Asana with Rene Martin and China Opland
3pm: Pranayama, Breathwork for Inner Stillness w/Rene & China

VK Grass


GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance is a mission-based (501-c3) organization that hosts four music/dance festivals and two sustainability fairs a year in three different states across the east coast. GrassRoots brings multi-cultural communities together through the magic of music, art, dance, education, wellness and sustainability.

The original Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival began in 1990 as a benefit concert to support a local AIDS organization in Ithaca, NY. The Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival has become an internationally recognized event with a focus on traditional and contemporary roots music and dance from all over the world.

Twelve years later, the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival was launched on a 75-acre farm in rural North Carolina near the triangle cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

The festival is down south for the winter once again, having found an amazing site, the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, just off the coast of Miami, FL. It’s the ideal spot for the fifth annual Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival.

GrassRoots works to nurture local artists and talent while reaching around the globe to bring world music and culture to new audiences, creating environments that inspire creativity and foster community building. The impact of GrassRoots expands far beyond that which occurs during these four-day festivals. For over 25 years, GrassRoots has served to both engage and give back to the local and regional communities in which we exist by providing financial and organizational support to impact positive change.

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Written By FestPop Staff Writer Kadie Murphy

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