5 of the Best Cities for Festivals and EDM

Music festivals are the pinnacle of the electronic music experience. There is nothing better than being with your best friends among a massive sea of people, all enjoying the rhythm from amazing DJs. These festivals have almost become like pilgrimages for fans, many traveling from far reaches of the globe to attend an event for a day or two. Because of these annual events, these 5 cities from around the world have become known as some of the go-to destinations for festivals and electronic music.

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Las Vegas has a long-standing reputation as one of the entertainment capitals of the world. The city built its reputation around gaming and casinos, but the live events have taken center stage. From the world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil, to the electronic music festivals, it’s hard to beat a place like Las Vegas. 

For multi-day festivals, Las Vegas has incredible accommodations to consider. Some of the best resorts in the world are here like the MGM Grand. Not only do they have amazing amenities, but they also offer a lot in the ways of entertainment with clubs, lounges, pools, and of course their world-class casino that offers substantial welcome bonuses like a $1000 deposit match when you play online. There are many hotels to choose from if you are looking to relax for a few days, and you can certainly find something in every price range. 

For the best music festivals Las Vegas has to offer, you first have to make plans for Electric Daisy Carnival. Few events truly embody the spirit of Las Vegas like EDC. The festival is essentially an electric playground for music lovers complete with the over-the-top theatrics that Las Vegas is known for. From pyrotechnics, to glow paint, light shows, detailed decor, and more, this EDM festival cannot be missed. There are eight stages that host some of the most energizing electronic music around. Outside of this famous festival, there are many more throughout the year. It’s also worth noting that many incredible DJs like Steve Aoki call Las Vegas their home and can be found playing in the local clubs and casinos regularly.

Best Cities for EDM Festivals

Berlin, Germany

Many people have called Berlin the “rave capital of Europe”, and that succinctly sums it up. Electronic music has become a big part of the city’s culture since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Since then, the city has transformed into a must-visit destination for electronic music fans around the world. To begin with, Berlin has many elaborate and incredible music clubs that are the envy of the EDM world. While other cities have copy-and-paste clubs that all feel the same, in Berlin, almost every venue has a unique and specific theme that makes it stand out. 

Some of the most popular clubs have lines out the door every evening like Tresor, Golden Gate, and the infamous Berghain. Far from being a city with only clubs to offer, Berlin also has some impressive annual festivals. Berlin Atonal is a spectacular festival that combines experimental music and visual arts into a one-of-a-kind experience. Fete De La Musique is a massive event that spreads to all corners of the city. Musicians, DJs, and producers play every type of music imaginable in public spaces, creating an amazing atmosphere in every neighborhood. From electronic music to jazz or experimental, you can find whatever you enjoy here in Berlin. 

Ibiza, Spain

While it is a predictable choice, you simply cannot have a list of the best locations for music festivals without mentioning Ibiza. Perhaps no destination is more revered for its clubs and music. The clubs are massive and luxurious, the beach parties are sensational and energizing, and some of the most talented DJs in the world travel here to be part of the action. While you’re hopping between the different venues, you might unknowingly be on the dance floor with A-List celebrities, models, actors, and athletes. 

It truly is that kind of place. Spain has some phenomenal weather, and this helps it keep up its reputation as the premier beach party destination. There are numerous festivals that take place every year like Ibiza Music SummitCreamfieldsCaptured Festival, and many more. There is so much happening every season that it is impossible to keep up with it all. Ibiza is also becoming well known for its boat and yacht parties. Getting into these exclusive events is up to you. 

Miami, Florida

With the exceptional Florida weather, incredible beaches, and being a major traveling hub, Miami has grown to be one of the best destinations around the world for music festivals and beach parties. Every year people from across the US and in foreign countries make the trip here to take part in some massive events. First and foremost is the Ultra Music Festival. When the festival season rolls around, UMF is known as the kickstarter. 

Over the course of the 3-day event, hundreds of musicians and DJs will perform on several stages. This is the time where they showcase new music and improved sets. As far as music festivals go, UMF is truly one of the best. There are many more festivals to explore throughout the year too, such as the Winter Music Conference, Miami Music Week, Remembrance, and more. 

Boom, Belgium

Boom is home to the dreamlike festival known as Tomorrowland. Regardless of where they come from, every EDM fan is familiar with this incredible event. Every year a staggering 400,000 people from around the globe descend on Belgium to watch over 1000 musical artists perform. Whether you come here with your best friends or intend to enjoy it by yourself, you’ll find yourself enamored with the magical atmosphere. From the carnival-like decor to the light shows and overall peaceful vibe, there is an energy here that cannot be matched. While Tommorland may be the most well-known music festival, it is certainly far from the only one. Just one hour from Boom is the beach town of Ostend and home of the Ostend Beach Festival. Across four different stages, many well-known DJs perform to huge crowds on white-sand beaches that line the coast. In the greater Belgium area, there are also festivals like Cirque Magique, Dour, and countless others. While there are many cities around the world that are becoming hotspots for electronic 

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