7 Festival Blogs to Explore During the Quarantine

The quarantine life can easily break your spirit if you don’t find a way to boost your positivity. Any festival lover can find that dose of positivity in festival blogs. The fact that some festivals such as Edinburgh Summer Festivals, Essence Festival, and Primavera Sound Festival were canceled or postponed shouldn’t stop us to explore and learn about different festivals in the world.

Festival blogs can introduce you to festivals that you couldn’t even imagine. You can keep up with all the news and possibly learn something useful for your next festival adventure. Here are the top festival blogs that can make your time in quarantine less tedious. 

1. Social Distancing Festival

Not even social distancing is able to prevent the sharing of art. Nick Green, the creator of this website came up with an incredible idea to keep us in the loop with artists from around the world. Social Distancing Festival is an online community where you can find the work of many artists that are prevented from sharing their talent because of social distancing.

Nick explains that the site has three main goals:

  1. It helps to get some of the great work that the artists have done out to the world, and projects that were canceled get the word of mouth that they missed out on
  2. It keeps the sense of artistic community, even from our homes
  3. Artists can continue to engage with their projects by making videos, sharing work, and celebrating the work of others

You can find artwork, film, music, dance, and theater on Social Distancing Festival. The best writing companieswere employed in the creation of this website so you can expect only high-quality content. 

2. That Festival Blogger

Read about the adventures and tips of Sophia, a festival and travel blogger from London. Her blog is her creative outlet where she shares her thoughts and experiences. She has visited many festivals around the world so her insight can help you prepare for popular festivals like Tomorrowland and Bestival. 

All the festival newbies who want to use your quarantine to prepare for your first festival can find some useful advice on Sophia’s blog. You can read about festival essentials, what to take to a day festival, how to be eco-friendly at a festival, and much more. Sophia also shared some DIY projects so you can give those a try and spend time in a creative mood.

3. NME Festivals Blog

NME or New Musical Express is a music journalism website. NME used to be a magazine and its publication started back in 1952. You can expect only the best from a company that exists as long as they do.

Their Festivals blog will keep you in the loop with all the news regarding festivals around the world. If you are in the planning mode and you want to focus on festivals you’ll go to once the pandemic ends, find out the updates on this blog. Dig a little deeper into their blog posts and you can find reports from former mind-blowing performances at festivals. 

4. That Festival Life

Now, this blog will take you all around the world and introduce you to festivals of all sorts. Dulcie, the blog owner, does a magnificent job of documenting her festival experience. Blog posts combine great storytelling skills with amazing photographs which means that you will easily fall in love with this blog. You’ll start with one story and before you know it you’ll read through all of them.

What you will probably like about Dulcie’s stories is that she is very honest about her experience. She doesn’t hesitate to share the bad sides of some festivals. This means that you’ll have a true representation of what you can expect. 

5. Travel Triangle Festival Blog

Travel Triangle will take you to some of the most exotic festivals in the world. This blog is perfect for restless spirits who plan to go to distant countries after the quarantine is over. You don’t want to miss out on some of the best festivals and that’s why you need Travel Triangle’s blog.

They make detailed guides on popular festivals as well as lists of the top festivals in certain destinations. The reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to visit this blog is that their posts are very well-written, straightforward, and they summarize all the most important information. 

6. Music Festival News

As the name suggests, this website brings you all the trending news about music festivals. They might help you discover incredible festivals you have probably never heard about such as Untold or ION in Albania. Learn all about these hidden jewels and share some new suggestions for your festival crew.

The blog posts also bring you information about artists. For example, you can find out about all the festivals where your favorite artists perform. Or, you can discover new artists and future headliners for 2020.

7. Vicky Flip Flop

Vicky is a courageous young woman who isn’t scared to travel the world on her own. As a travel writer, she turns her experiences into written stories, including her festival adventures. The first thing you’ll notice when you enter this blog is her exclamation “I love a festival.” Her statement is backed up with the information that she has been to 60 different festivals in 22 countries. That is what we call an experience festival attendee.

Through her blog posts, you can learn about festivals from different continents. She even categorized the blog posts based on location so you can read blogs about UK festivals, USA festivals, Asian festivals, European festivals, and African festivals. If you have a specific month when you want to visit a festival just check out her list of festivals by months. 

Bonus Quarantine Entertainment

While you await the world to start functioning again, why not try to experience the festival atmosphere at your home?

Luckily, a few years ago French artist Gilles Vidal has set up the most amazing website. He brought the Sziget festival to our computers. If you haven’t heard of Sziget, it is one of the largest festivals in Europe that takes place in Hungary. 

Vidal’s creation, 360-degree Sziget takes you to Sziget festival in 360-degree shots. For a moment you’ll feel like you are at a festival, absorbing that contagious atmosphere of positivity and music.

Until festivals are back in our lives, you can check out this phenomenal website. Pause the quarantine life for a moment and travel back in time with 360-degree Sziget.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about these great festival blogs, the extra time on your hands will be put to good use. Gather useful information about upcoming festivals and learn about other people’s experiences. By the time when festivals are back in the game, you’ll be ready to start your next festival travel like a pro.

Author’s Bio: Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer, blogger, and contributor to Essayguard. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is traveling and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experiences

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