A New Breed of DJs Coming out of Croatia

DSC_9751blackwhiteCroatian DJ& Producer Looka

The island of Pag is home to one of the hottest clubs in Croatia, Aquarius, located on Zcre Beach.  Not only is Aquarius known for its awesome location, but its DJ’s as well!  FestPop had the chance to sit and talk with Looka the resident DJ at Aquarius.  His residency allowed him to play at Aquarius’ hottest event this year, Zcre Spring Break Music Festival!

Since we love to focus on music festivals we wanted to know about Looka’s experiences.


FestPop: What was your first musical festival, and at what age did you attend?

Looka: “Hideout Festival at Zcre Beach in 2013.  I was amazed by the music, the energy, and the vibes.  DJ’s were projecting to the crowd.  It was a great experience for me and it got me even more into the dance music culture. Aside from festivals, I went to many great club nights with superstar DJ’s around the Croatian coast during the summer.  I remember being 15 years old, and jumping over the fence just to hear the DJ I liked…The security didn’t like me though … Haha” Jumping fences is definitely something that would irritate security, but who wouldn’t do that to hear their favorite DJ?!

FestPop:The real question here is who was headlining that night?

Looka:“Steve Angello!”

FestPop:How did you get the residency at Aquarius?

Looka:“I was working for Aquarius in 2013, now I’m holding the residency for the 2014 season. Aquarius is one of the best venues in Croatia, the only club in Croatia with its kind of vibe!”

FestPop:Who are your favorite DJ heroes, and what would be your dream festival to play at?

Looka:“I like the EDM scene in general, but I would name Diplo as a favorite right now. “It’s not hard, EDC, Tomorrowland, and Ultra!  It would be like a dream come true, go big or go home right?! Haha”

FestPop:If the world was to end tomorrow, and it’s your last show, and you get one last song to play, what song would that be?

Looka:“Oh that’s hard…Hmm, okay I would play Levels by Avicii. Hahaha. NO. I would play Café Del Mar by Energy 52, or some of the trance stuff from the 90’s.  Actually I would put my favorite tune on repeat, jump into the crowd and dance ‘till doomsday!”

FestPop:How is the weather in September?

Looka:“Great, best time of the season, not so hot, not so cold. Ideal!”

Getting to interview Looka was a great experience, but to top it off we had to listen to some of his music! Looka makes his own songs, but makes mixes as well, working with songs produced by other DJ’s. Looka’s style is a mix of electro house with a hint of trap.  There were certainly a couple favorite songs in the bunch.

Personally his remixes or as he puts it “re-look” of Skrillex’ Stranger, and Mundian Work.  Once you hear the beat drop, and the bass hits you will understand why these two songs are some of the favorites. Now this may be a biased choice because anything with a hint of trap is bound to get the party started, but if that’s not your style there is more to choose from!

If you can’t stop by Aquarius this season, Looka’s music is available online on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Beatport!




Looka has made sure to provide a variety of his music on his account, and is constantly releasing more music!

Thanks again Looka for the interview! The FestPop staff looks forward to seeing you at our next trip to Aquarius!

By FestPop Staff Writer, Stephanie Torres
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