Andromo: ‘Rhythm, continuity, repetition and focal points are a few of the key elements for both Architecture and Music’

Since 2004, Canadian label Rainforest Music has been on the forefront of releasing quality music, with its intentions of showcasing both up-and-coming and established artists world-wide. On April 5th, Rainforest Music will release ‘Just Stay’ – a beautiful collaboration between label founder Andromo and local Vancouver musician Iain Howie on vocals, with a remix from Berlin’s Raphael Hofman. Andromo shared a few words with Fest Pop, and here’s what he had to say! 

Rainforest Music will be releasing your latest collaboration ‘Just Stay’ with Vancouver musician Iain Howie on vocals on April 5th. The EP has 3 versions, with a remix from Berlin’s Raphael Hofman! Tell us, what lead you to collaborate with Iain Howie and Raphael Hofman for this EP? Do you typically work with artists you already have a relationship with? 

When I moved to Vancouver, my friend Oliver Nickels introduced me to Iain. We started to see each other at different events and parties and would always talk about music production and about collaborating together. One early morning, Iain messaged me out of the blue, to see if I was down to work on some music. I answered the messaged and told him to come over and that’s how ‘Just Stay’ was composed. Rainforest Music label manager, Jens, suggested to me that I work with up-and-coming artist Raphael Hofman, from Berlin. He knows Raphael really well and he asked him if he wanted to be part of this EP. He immediately replied saying he loved the tracks and would be super excited to work on a remix for the original version.

The last few collaborations that I have released, are with artists I do know, however, I’m always open to work with new people and discover new talent. Making music is a very special part of my life and I take it very seriously. I like to work with people that have the same passion and goals as I do.



In 2004 Rainforest Music was launched over in El Salvador, however you’re-located to Vancouver, Canada in 2015. How would you best describe the underground scene in El Salvador compared to Vancouver? 

El Salvador is still very new at underground electronic music. Even though we have been doing parties since 2004, the industry never developed to have a more consistent offer for club and party goers and export talent. I can say Vancouver has a very consistent scene every weekend. There are all types of music options and crews doing amazing things and many established artists doing amazing music. 

‘Rhythm, continuity, repetition and focal points are a few of the

key elements for both Architecture and Music’ 

As an architect, do you find that you’re always pulling new ideas and inspiration from your surroundings? Whether it be a dense rainforest, the Vancouver mountains, or a unique festival experience such as Ocaso Festival in Costa Rica, which you recently performed at?

As an Architect, your way of thinking is full of different design and functional criteria that can be transferred to music very easily. Rhythm, continuity, repetition and focal points are a few of the key elements for both Architecture and Music. I love nature the same way I love design, and magic happens when both blend perfectly between each other. 

What is the Rainforest Music ethos? 

Rainforest music is quality house and techno music that has an organic element, a wild rhythm and a unique sound that can only be found if you go deep into the forest. Imagine yourself in a jungle; filled with distinctive tones, deep sounds and percussion that will connect your with the nature of music and soul. 





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