Announcement: Alberta Electronic Music Conference 2018

It’s official! The Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) returns for its third year in 2018. We have dates, key speakers, workshops and more to announce!

“For AEMCON’s third year, we’re exploring the many ways that artists and electronic music professionals can make their way in the modern economy. From scoring video games and creating Youtube channels, to touring internationally or producing festivals, there are many ways for people to make their way. We’ve assembled some of the world’s best at this conference to teach you how they forged their path.”

Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON)

AEMCON returns to Calgary, Alberta on November 15-18, 2018. The conference will bring together industry leaders with the intention of inspiring and elevating Canada’s electronic music scene. Spread across four days, AEMCON will host a diverse selection of more than 100+ guest speakers and performers. That will go along with the 50+ workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions, networking events and evening performances. Attendees will be able to connect, learn, and most importantly, share ideas pertaining to the industry’s landscape.


AEMCON Phase One Lineup 2018 Calgary


In 2017, the Alberta Electronic Music Conference welcomed to Calgary nearly 400 producers, promoters, music industry professionals and DJs attending from 46 cities across Canada, America, and the UK. The National Music Centre hosted 35 workshops, panel discussions, and interviews.

AEMCON The National Music Centre Calgary

The National Music Centre, Calgary

In addition to the day events, there were over 16 night events to choose from. Attendees had a wide selection of music to take in. Whether it was the Live Electronic Showcase at Habitat or headliner shows at Hi-Fi, Nite Owl, and Broken City. Headliners included Joe Nice, Foreign Beggers, J. Philip, the Librarian and many more. Not only did headliners please the attendees, but also the ‘local artists’ wowed the audience with just as much skill and creativity as the headliners.


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FestPop Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett

FestPop Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett

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