Art Outside Announces it’s Workshop Schedule, and You Don’t want to miss it

Art Outside Main Stage
Art Outside Main Stage
The Dome Stage and Art Installations
The Dome Stage and Art Installations

This year Art Outside is featuring 60 workshops for you to immerse yourself in! Get up and get moving with meditation & yoga in the mornings, learn new skills like portrait panting & hula hooping in the afternoon and tackle tie-dyeing & tantric meditation in the early evening. The schedule is action packed — start planning!

One of the things that makes Art Outside so special is it’s interactive events. While you’re enjoying all of the music and art, please take the time to learn a new skill or attend a seminar. They’re not only informative, but super fun!

Live Painting at Art Outside
Live Painting at Art Outside

You can view the whole schedule HERE, but here are some of the highlights.

5:00 PM Friday: Chakra Balance Yoga Flow

6:00 PM Friday: How to Live in the Future, Michael Garfield

6:30 PM Friday: Poi Fundamentals with Travis ‘Shade’ Hopson


12:00 PM: Acro-Yoga (All Levels) with Katrina Repman and Chris Cox

2:00 PM: Intro to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Y.E. Torres

4:30 PM: Chakra Attunement and Body Paint with Lindy Burns

5:30 PM: Thai Yoga Massage with Meera Hoffman


7:00 AM: Circadian Sound Meditation with Ryan Leman and Charles Holmes

10:30 AM: Ecstatic Dance Evolution with Sydney “SAMADHI” Strahan

12:30 PM: DIY Flower Crowns from Pop Shop America with Brittany Bly and Sara Royer

3:00 PM: Conscious Vibrations with Quinn Eaker

4:00 PM: Temple Union Tantric Meditation

These are some of the workshops we’re looking most forward to, but there are tons available for people from all walks of life. Don’t forget to catch them when you’re in the festival madness!!!


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