Camp Summerdaze Forecast: Andy Cue with a Chance of tech house…

Toronto-based DJ, Andy Cue, is a tech-house wiz and is known for his deep minimal grooves. He is no stranger to our local house scene, performing late night sessions at venues like CODA, Parlour, and OneLoft. Over the years, he has fused a range of old-school and modern elements to reach his unique style of production. Some may recognize him from his monthly featured event, Barsa Soul but most fell in love after his performance at Electric Island. Andy Cue has since graced the deck at After-hours in Las Vegas, Vujaday Music Festival and now started his own label, Intake Music. You can catch him playing this year at Camp Summerdaze 2019!

We had the chance to chat with him about his music influences and how he keeps things fresh in such a dynamic industry. Here’s what Andy Cue had to say!

You have a unique style of minimal tech house that borrows elements of funk and industrial techno. What artists have influenced your sound and how did you find your niche?

“Yes, my style definitely extends across multiple elements, which keeps my sound diverse. My sound is influenced by artists like Mihai Popoviciu, Archie Hamilton, Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, to Toronto’s owns Demuir. All these artists were not afraid to push boundaries and I feel that many DJs and producers on the local level don’t do that enough. Taking risks in my sets and productions has been the most important aspect of finding my niche.

You have played at many venues around Toronto such as Vertigo, CODA, Parlour and One Loft. How do you go about keeping your sets fresh and in what ways do you try to adapt as an artist in this forever changing industry?

“You learn with experience that it’s always good to keep the crowd guessing. I also tend to thrown in some older tracks into the mix to take them back in time. As an artist, I want to encourage diversity. So, I try to stay focused and not attach myself to any trends.” – Andy Cue

After playing at festivals like Electric Island and Vujaday Music Festival, what expectations do you have for Camp Summerdaze and what kind of preparations will go into your set?

Camp Summerdaze is something I’m really looking forward to. Simply because I appreciate the combination of music, wellness and people it brings. We will just have to wait and see what kind of energy that atmosphere will bring and how it will influence my set.

You recently launched a new record label called ‘Intake Music’. What sort of community have you formed around ‘Intake Music’ and what traits do you look for in those artist? 

Intake Music is still growing and evolving daily. It’s been very exciting working with different artists, the label will soon introduce in the next few months. We’ve been lucky to work with artists that are expensive, open minded and articulate.  This is a long term project that will always welcome a diverse and innovative community.

Are there any underrated artists from Toronto that you would love to see blow up this year?

Just to name a few, I would say Paul Quzz, Devv, Chuck & Blair, and Wess. The knowledge, consistency and quality behind each of their productions are amazing. I would recommend keeping an eye out for them this year.


You can purchase tickets to Camp Summerdaze 2019 here and RSVP to their Facebook event!

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