Up and Up Debut Festival Announced

Up and Up Announcement

Monster Energy and Outbreak proudly announced Wednesday, July 20th, the premier of their exciting new festival, Up and Up –Powered by Tilt. Scheduled for this fall, Up and Up will be a ground-breaking event: a fan-sourced music festival!

The Festival is Revolutionary

Cash Cash, a new EDM phenomenon, will headline the premier of Up and Up. The revolutionary festival will give students of four universities-Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Washing State University, and Pacific Northwest University of Washington – a chance to participate. It will enable students to get professional experience in technology, music experience, and marketing.

Up and Up is revolutionary because it goes beyond being just another music festival: it encourages students to rally together to compete with other universities. This fan-sourcing model is genius. It will generate excitement with student participation. Also, it will produce a sense of proud ownership amongst the winning student body.

Pre-sale for tickets to this landmark event begins on Wednesday, July 20th at 10 AM PST. You can buy the tickets here, at http://www.tilt4monsteroutbreak.com. Additionally, a competition begins on July 20th. The first university campus that sells 750 tickets for UP and Up will be able to host the festival in their city and local venue. Therefore, the location of the festival will be revealed at the conclusion of the contest. The festival will refund participating universities who did not win.


The Headliner CASH CASH
The Headliner CASH CASH

Tycoons Express Excitement for Up and Up

Steven Ljubicic, General Manager at Oubreak Presents expresses his excitement for this new festival, “We make decisions on over 100 shows in North America throughout the year. The fans will decide this one–all via Facebook and Tilt.”

Cash Csh also talks about their enthusiasm for this ground-breaking event. They quote “This fall, we have time for one more show in the Pacific Northwest area. Instead of just picking the city we want to play, we thought it would be a cool idea to ask our fans which city they want. We felt this would make a more memorable night since we’re giving our listeners the power to decide!”

James Beshara, Tilt CEO and co-founder talks about the idea behind the Up and Up. He says “Tilt brings opportunities like this to life. Every person who buys a ticket has skin in the game and will feel personally responsible for bringing Cash Cash to their school. Fan-sourced concerts could be the future of touring and how shows are determined in years to come. It’s awesome to see a brand like Monster Energy at the front of it all.”

You can read more about the festival here, at pollstar.com.

FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk
FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk
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