The Do’s and Don’ts of Festival Etiquette

Festival etiquette is growing more and more important in the scene as more and more people are attending this new cultural behemoth. When asked, “What is one thing that annoys you during music festivals,” most people will already have a thought in their head for a response. Music festivals are a place where you get to escape the reality of life and get to be your true self, but some people may let too much of their true self show … or smell if you catch my drift.

Actually, Four Loko decided to get all those music festival complaints into one survey this summer. To find out what types of behaviors festival-goers are most (and least) tolerant of, Four Loko surveyed 1,815 festival regulars of 16 major American music festivals. Festival-goers got to thinking about so many bodies convening, with such excitement, which leads to the all important question: who’s actin’ a fool?

From the responses Four Loko received, 46% have driven at least two hours to a festival, and one in four have driven at least six hours or flown. So you can imagine, these grizzled veterans have seen it all.

Four Loko’s Official 2019 Report on Festival Etiquette

The Official 2019 Report on Festival Etiquette represents the most current annoyances people experience during music festivals. Below are some of the highlights from the survey.

  • Peeing outside of Porta Pottys annoys us the most. Can someone say “disgusting”.
  • Holding up signs, smelly bodies, and moshing / crowd surfing came in a close 2nd. You never want the signs taking over your view of the stage and I am sure you do not want to be moshed by someone that hasn’t showered since they arrived at the festival. “Keep your smell to yourself, please and thank you”.
  • Funny t-shirts / costumes, talking during a set, and singing along loudly were some of the least common complaints in the survey. All these items do not seem to bother others usually. “This is what we came here for!

Check out Four Loko to see what else they have to offer.

So, what annoys you the most about festival etiquette at music festivals? FestPop wants to know! Personally, my smile turns upside down when a beat drops, everyone starts moshing, and the smell of everyone’s bodies just waft in the air. Like I get we all sweat, but where is the deodorant!

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Katherine Bennett, Sr. Staff Writer 2019
FestPop Sr. Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett
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