Dr. Dog Brings Los Angeles to Life on Critical Equation Tour

Dr. Dog
Heart Killer is one of the many amazing songs off their new Album ‘Critical Equation’

Who Are They?

Dr. Dog is an American Band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are a group of seven members who all bring pizazz to the table. Scott McMicken, Frank McElroy, Eric Slick, Toby Leaman, Dmitri Manos, Griffin Forberg and Zach Miller are the spectacular seven that makeup one of my all time favorite bands, Dr. Dog. With fourteen albums, they have everything to offer for everyone. From indie-folk to Psychedelic rock, this band is indefinately unique.

Thursday, February 27, Dr. Dog gave the city of angels a little more shine with their outsanding performance at The NOVO. This was my first time having the opportunity to see them and I was in awe. As they walked on stage, they gave the crowd a big welcome with warm smiles upon their faces. As the crowd cheered, they started to play and the cheering never really stopped.

The mood throughout the entire evening was extremely peaceful and full of bright energy. There was not a frown to be seen. Constant swaying and grinning filled the room and every song made our hearts race faster and faster.

Personally, one of my favorite things to look for in a performance is the lighting. I absolutely love when a performer/performers set the mood perfectly with the color and movement of their lights. Dr. Dog did not disappoint in the slightest. Blue for calm and rainbow for bright, the lights were on point and so was this band!

Turn your volume all the way up and start listening to this amazing album!

FestPop Staff Writer: Sophia Roca
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