Electric Zoo 10th Anniversary Review

Electric Zoo 2018

Electric Zoo took over Randall’s Island in New York City this past weekend. From Friday at 3 PM to Sunday at 11 PM festival goers head banged and went crazy for their favorite DJs. No matter what kind of transportation guests took, each and every person was welcomed with loud music, lights, amazing food vendors and Electric Zoo merchandise.

This year they presented an insane lineup for its 10th anniversary. Headliners included  world class DJs from all over the world including Jauz, Martin Garrix, Zeds Dead, Tiesto and many more. FestPop is here to tell readers who blew away the crowds throughout Labor Day Weekend in the Big Apple at Randall’s Island.

Day by Day Recap


The first day of the festival started off with a bit of rain, but that didn’t stop ravers from arriving shortly after the gates opened. Up and coming EDM artist, Loud Luxury, killed their set at the main stage playing their two hit songs, “Body” and “Fill Me In.” This duo is one that music lovers should keep their eye on as they climb up the music charts all over the world. One of our favorite sets from the weekend was from Boombox Cartel. The musical group had the whole crowd head banging to their hits, “B2U” and “Jefe.” They dropped some filthy beats not only at the festival, but at the after party at FREQ in Manhattan. To continue the head banging, Jauz most definitely broke everybody’s neck after his performance at the main stage. Just before Electric Zoo, Jauz released his new album ‘The Wise And The Wicked.’ The album title speaks for itself. True Jauz fans were in their glory as they were the first to hear his new music live. The American DJ from Los Angeles never disappoints his fanbase, The Shark Squad. Other than the main stage, inside the tent at the Riverside stage, Zomboy threw down some dubstep. From the world class lighting and beams to his signature skull logo, the UK native left ravers in awe and speechless with his unforgettable set. Closing Friday, Marshmello always keeps the crowd bouncing and vibing with everyone surrounding each other. Obviously he played his classic hits, “Friends” and “Wolves.” There is nothing better than ending a festival with singing and dancing with your Mellogang.


Every day was packed with such diverse artists that satisfied every attendee. Alan Walker, who became extremely popular over the last year performed at the main stage. Having the opportunity for any artist to perform at the main stage at a festival is very impressive. The 21 year-old DJ and producer brought the crowd together, playing his well known single, “Faded.” Next on the main stage was the one and only, Rezz. It is difficult to make it as a girl DJ in the music industry, but she blows many male DJs away. Her unique sound and visuals are like no other. The DJ from Niagara Falls offered a techno set that got the crowd to thrash their bodies back and forth while also projecting her edgy style of fashion and music. Canadian music duo, Zeds dead threw down in the Hilltop arena. They are huge on collaborating and bringing all EDM fans together. His collaboration with Jauz on “Lights Go Down” had everyone on their feet and jumping like wild animals. Hence they were at the zoo. He also played his famous collaboration with Illenium, “Where The Wild Things Are” which had the whole crowd holding their hearts and belting out the lyrics.


The last and final day was one for the books. Of course attendees start to lose their voices and feel the soreness, but that does not stop us. So many amazing DJs played throughout the 10th anniversary of Electric Zoo and every set was wild, but the last three sets at the main stage were out of this world. From Illenium to Alesso and the closing act of the entire weekend, Tiesto, the crowd was non-stop moving. Illenium is usually known for his emotional sets that make the crowd feel feelings they never knew existed, but this year at Electric Zoo he wowed the crowd with insane drops and constant trap. The American DJ and producer grabbed each person’s attention after listening to the first few beats of his hit song, “Leaving” and no matter where you looked in the sea of music lovers, the lyrics were being sung. Next up was Swedish DJ, Alesso. He played a tribute to Avicii playing his hit song, “Wake Me Up” and asked the crowd to put their hands up for him, which was a beautiful sight to see. Lastly, we all know Tiesto always puts on an extravagant performance, but there was something special about his set this year. As he is one of the most famous EDM artists around the world, guests expect the best of the best. Last year Deadmau was the final act and he was out of this world contributing his vibey music for the 9th year. Tiesto offered a different closing set this year leaving the crowd going insane for an entire hour and a half. The DJ from the Netherlands revived everyone for the end of a breathtaking weekend (literally.)

Food and Drink

The food and drink at the festival excelled in their numerous water stations and diverse food offerings. The water stations were spread out throughout the festival grounds making it easily accessible for guests to get water from any stage. Most festival goers have a Camelback or Vibration backpack, which is key to having a successful weekend. There is nothing better than being able to drink water when you need it.

Besides water, for those who are legal to consume alcohol, the drinks were on point this year. They had an interesting drink menu, one of the items being a “Monkey-mosa.” This was their way of renaming the classic mimosa drink to go along with the zoo theme. Hopefully next year they will make them again.

As everyone knows, the food at music festivals is always unique and delicious. Of course the chicken fingers are always a go to meal, but there was something even better than that. For you cheese lovers out there, the fried cheese sandwich (basically a huge mozzarella stick), was absolutely amazing. It was definitely one of the most popular food vendors at the festival this year.

Layout & Stage Structures

Those who attend Electric Zoo for the first time most likely anticipate the festival grounds to be huge. Fortunately Randall’s Island is the perfect location for a festival because it is not too big or too small. Compared to EDC Las Vegas where it could take up to 25 minutes to travel from one stage to the other, it is a blessing of how close the stages are to one another. The festival perfectly distanced each stage from one another. This not only made it easier to walk from stage to stage, but also when watching the sets. The sound from each stage never interfered with one another.

Electric Zoo Map 2018

Other than the actual festival layout, the stage structures sadly lacked this year. In past years the main stage always featured an animal such as an owl or elephant, but there was no animal this year. The tent stages are always awesome for lights and beams, but they could have used more decoration. Compared to last year, there was much less thought into the stage structures. In 2017, the stages were sick, especially in the tents. Thankfully though this did not take away from the music at Electric Zoo as this year had one of the best lineups yet.


Between both the bus and ferry, it is so easy to get back and forth from Randall’s Island  to Manhattan. Here is a hint for those looking to go next year. The ferry is the way to go. Not only can it fit so many more bodies, but you also get a beautiful view of Manhattan during the day and at lit up at night. It is part of the festival experience. One tip we have is to leave 5 to 10 minutes before the end of the last set. The ferry line gets very long and can take up to 45 minutes to an hour to get on one. Remember there are after parties every night to keep raging. 



FestPop Staff Writer, Katy Loesch

FestPop Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett





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