The Envision Festival 2018 FULL Lineup Has Finally Arrived!

Envision has finally announced the 2018 music lineup for the eighth edition.  The tropical jungles and serene beaches of Costa Rica have NEVER sounded better. Envision festival will be held between February 21st to February 26th in Uvita, Costa Rica.

The announcement continues the festival’s tradition of serving up unique lineups with flavors for fans from all over the world. As a top festival-to-play for the upper echelon in globally recognized musicians, Envision always seeks to push the envelope and 2018 will be no exception. Envision offers heavy hitting headliners and some of the most enchanting emerging talent in house and bass music. This year’s lineup goes a step further with hand curated complements to an ethos centered around cultural awareness on three internationally acclaimed dance music stages.

Envision Festival 2018

There will be over 100+ musicians converging at this years festival. 2018 is set to be the most multicultural Envision lineup to date. Headliners topping the bill include the Australian social activist and fan favorite, Xavier Rudd. For his first Envision appearance, the high-octane UK-based sensation TroyBoi will join the fray and the venerable pop savvy Canadians Bob Moses. Also, New Orleans-based face melting legend The Russ Liquid Test, and Minnesota hailing chaos tamer, Manic Focus are sure to rubber more than a few necks. Furthermore, the French-born producer and bass master CloZee will remind fans why she’s a favorite at Envision.

Rounding out the top slots at the world famous Lapa Stage, Israeli dynamo Chaim will hand deliver his next level sounds. The Italian with the badass backhand DJ Tennis will slice up his multilayered cake of sweet house music. The house and techno lovers have a lot to be excited about with Spanish techno lords AudioFly, jetsetting staple of Don’t Sit On The Furniture and Robot Heart Behrouz, and Berlin born Monolink.

Envision celebrates the choice of local flavors in what is already an expansive spread of international musical delicacies. Now more than ever they celebrate that choice with world famous Costa Rican artists like Santos y Zurdo and Patterns. From Chile, Envision welcomes Matanza, who will bring a minimal funk to the dancefloor. In addition, Columbian orchestral ensemble La BOA will offer an authentic sample of true to form afrobeat. While, Chancha via Circuito will blend sound from the underground South America with the blissed out house.

Words From Josh Wendel

Envision Festival Co-Founder and Music Director, Josh Wendel, stated:

“We really wanted to bring in best in breed artists from every corner of the globe. But we also wanted to create a platform for some of the best emerging talent in Costa Rica and its neighbors. In addition to being our most intentional lineup yet, the artists we’ve got coming for Envision 2018 are both world famous and driven to achieve the same impact we want to make in the world. Through language and culture we’re united by the dream we share, and that just makes the experience of coming together on the same dancefloor so much more special.”

Official Lineup

Envision 2018 official lineup

The Environment

Envision Festival is known as the MOST environmentally conscious festival of its size in the world! The festival has been reforesting the site of the event for six years and counting. Plastic is expressly forbidden while all the foods sold are organic and grown by farmers in the area. Meanwhile, the clothing products sold in the market are fashioned by locals with a net positive impact on the environment. Envision holds a commitment to building only with materials harvested from the jungle and composting initiatives throughout the venue. With this in mind, the festival upholds an ethos of regenerative celebration that continues to grow year after year.


Envision passes are almost sold out! Missing this kickoff to the festival season is simply not an option for anyone looking to follow through on that “travel more” new years resolution. Tickets for the festival are available here. Grab yours as soon as possible. For those who like to travel light, there are also new VIP packages. The packages include everything from shaded presetup tents to full-fledged treehouses and bungalows.

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FestPop Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett

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