Open the Box: Fancy Unicorns Festival Fan Review

A fan is a festival necessity. It has no batteries needed and is light enough to be carried and used for hours on end.

The thought of a fan as a necessity isn’t something initially considered. It isn’t until the slightest bit of breeze to cool down is heaven sent.

I found myself in this predicament when I was next to the Mississippi River in New Orleans for Buku 2016. My fan being the only thing to save me from the intense humidity trapped inside the overflowing Float Den of Mardi Gras World.

The Float Den encapsulated the culture of New Orleans. Intense colorful lasers during each set lit up the giant overshadowing Mardi Gras parade floats. The air was thick and staying cool was not an option without my fan.

Experiences like this have encouraged me to find the best fans to withstand the elements of festival season.


Trial & Error

My trial and error of having purchased different types of fans have lead me to share with you what I have found to best withstand festival conditions.

  • The cheap plastic ones commonly purchased at any costume store break within the first festival use. They may last a bit longer but generally have a short lifespan.
  • The paper fans quickly disintegrate in humid conditions due to moisture in the air.  At the end of the day the cheap blades are left bare.
  • My large metal blade fan is my favorite. It produces the strongest gust of wind. The downside being the weight and having to hold it the entire time due to the length and weight.
  • For daily use I use small bamboo blade fans. I found a small store here in the city specializing in imported Japanese items. I have found these to be the lightest and have a decent lifespan. They best withstand the intense conditions for at minimum of a year or two depending on how often used. My only complaint about them, the designs are often bland and generic.

Eye catching Designs


After firmly believing I would have to simply make the product I needed for my festival travel needs, I came across Fancy Unicorns on Instagram.

Based on the look of their site, they are designing fans with the festival goer in mind. The products were fun and eye catching. They appeared large in the photos and price seemed reasonable. According to the site the materials of the fans are bamboo blades with fabric. The fan was to be “large” size. Dimensions were not available so in truth I was unsure of how large was “large.”

I quickly purchased the “Trippy Fan” and waited impatiently for the package to arrive.



Fancy Unicorns Fan Review

The “Trippy Fan” arrived a week later encased in a brown mail tube.

I was not disappointed. The colors of the fan are vivid. The photos are exactly as shown when it comes to the color. I could not take my eyes off of it.

The fan is as large as my metal one. It is much lighter due to the bamboo blades and fits perfectly inside my standard size water bag I use for festivals.

It will turn heads when unfurled in it’s full glory. Not only because of the memorizing design but also the clack! It is sure to make your presence known!


I am super excited to take this fan with me to future festivals and adventures. I anticipate it to last a long time considering the quality of the materials.


To watch the unboxing of the Trippy Fan watch our Youtube video:


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Check out their website to see everything they offer and their newest designs!

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Social Media Manager, Anissa Martinez


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