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Imagine Music Festival 2019

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Bass Canyon, Lost Lands, DanceFestopia, Wakaan, and 515 Alive have in past placed spotlight on the high quality sound systems featured as if they were headlining artists. For majority of music lovers, a state of the art sound system is a vital component to the festival experience as well as earplugs.

While these high quality sound systems contribute to a euphoric festival experience, prolonged exposure to such high volumes can lead to hearing loss and irreversible ear injury. Both can be prevented with a small investment in ear protection with earplugs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nightclubs, concerts, and bars have a decibel range of 105-110. Ear protection is critical as many festivals exceed this decibel range with music generally ending in the late hours and some famed for never turning the music off.

Beyond Wonderland, San Bernardino, California

As someone who travels often for festivals and is frequently found at the city’s various music venues, earplugs are a staple in my accessories for any given night. To ensure I don’t leave them behind a small carabiner keeps them attached to my keys, always ready for the next event.

A statistic from a study in Great Britian provided by DanceSafe, an advocate in the electronic music community for promoting health and safety, found 62% of regular club-goers have symptoms of hearing loss.

The degree of hearing damage risk depends on 4 factors according to DanceSafe:

1. How loud the music is. 2. How close you are to the speakers. 3. How long you are on the dance floor. 4. Previous hearing damage.

How to know if you have hearing damage?

  • You periodically hear a high pitched ringing. Especially apparent after loud music events.
  • Sensitivity to loud noises.
  • Your friends have frequently commented the volume on your devices are turned up too loud but for you it’s comfortable or not loud enough.
  • One ear hears better than the other.
  • You have trouble hearing people clearly, often times they sound muffled.

Preventing Hearing Damage

I started to notice a few of those symptoms in my day to day and decided to take preventative measures early on. I purchased earplugs and immediately noticed a difference in my concert experiences.

After trying a few different brands of earplugs I found Eargasm Earplugs to be the best value when it came to comfort, price and maintaining sound quality.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs photo provided by Eargasm Earplugs

When worn, they provide a 21 decibel drop in noise levels to result in minimizing the risk of hearing loss. The complimentary aluminum-grade carrying case is an added bonus to keep them stored away and readily available.

In conclusion, earplugs are a vital investment for any festival lover to reduce the risk of hearing loss and enjoy the music longer.

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