FestPop’s Intimate Interview With THE CALLING’s Founder Alex Band

There is overcoming adversity and then there’s kicking adversity’s ass. After our very candid and intimate interview with THE CALLING’s founder Alex Band, we now know that’s exactly what Alex did…He kicked adversity’s ass.

Imagine creating a platinum-selling debut album, earning THE CALLING one of the biggest Alternative Rock radio songs of the 2000’s. The hit song [Wherever You Will Go] stayed on the charts for over 20 weeks and became the song of the decade. The song was also featured in multiple movies and shows over the years.

Now, the adversity part…Alex was drained emotionally and financially by record label battles that hindered the release of new material for years. Then Alex was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

The next event was something out of a movie script. In 2013, Alex was kidnapped and later found bloodied and beaten on the side of the road in Lapeer, MI. THE CALLING was in Lapeer to perform at Lapeer Days Music Festival and it was reported that Alex left his hotel room to walk to a local convenience store around 3 am when a van pulled up alongside him and he was snatched inside. To make matters worse, some idiot alleges the incident was a hoax and a publicity stunt which was so far from reality.

Fast forward to the present. I was in Sacramento on business when I was walking past the live music venue HARLOWs when I noticed THE CALLING on the marquee. I thought to myself, “Is this a cover band?” I later discovered it was the real deal. So I made some calls and scored access to the show, but more importantly, an interview with Alex.

After speaking with him and hearing of all of the things that have been thrown at him over the years, to see and hear his passion for the music he creates and shares with us is still so strong, was amazing. Alex was able to channel all that negativity from the adversities and challenges he faced into something positive – his music. And that is something!

The show was kickass and the new material that was showcased will undoubtedly catapult THE CALLING back to platinum record status.

The FestPop family is rooting for Alex and the rest of THE CALLING.

JUN 24 Troubadour
Sunday, 7:00 PM West Hollywood, CA
JUN 26 Brighton Music Hall
Tuesday, 7:00 PM Allston, MA
JUN 28 Gramercy Theatre
Thursday, 7:00 PM New York, NY
JUN 29 Pearl Street Warehouse
Friday, 8:30 PM Washington, DC
JUN 30 The Foundry
Saturday, 9:00PM Philadelphia, PA



Scotty Moore, FestPop Founder, Alex Band-THE CALLING, & Terichael Office, FestPop Sr. Staff Writer

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