Beat the Heat at Float Fest 2018

Float Fest 2018 is officially upon us! While everyone is putting the final touches on their plans for the weekend, there are a few things to keep in mind before your squad embarks on the journey downriver and back ashore for the best weekend of music Float Fest has brought since it’s inception.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stop at EVERY shotgun island on the float or smash a whole bottle of liquor right before you walk in the fest. This event is a combination of two of the best summer activities available in the south: floating rivers and music festivals, so you must plan for double the fun!

However, we have all experienced the post-float conundrum in which everyone walks to their cars and utters those famous last words, “Okay we’re just going to go home and clean up and then we’ll hit y’all up to see what you’re doing tonight!” Then you never hear from anyone because they’re all passed out in their PJs by 7pm. You must fight the natural inclination to black out halfway through the float. It will feel unnatural and unusual, but resist the temptations of the river for your group’s own good!

Even if you aren’t floating the river, it’s still going to be over 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. No one wants to spend half the day at the medical tent dealing with a homie’s heat stroke because Brad and Tiffany don’t know how to stop double-fisting cranberry vodkas for ten seconds to drink water. My own personal hydration strategy: one cup/bottle of water for every liquor drink and half that for each wine/beer. It’s not an exact science, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Bring Refillable Containers for Water.

Whether you bring a Camel Back or one of those badass insulated water bottles that could keep water cold in Hell itself, everyone needs their own water source! You never know when you might lose the only friend with the backpack or think someone is going to the bathroom for “one sec,” then you don’t see them again for 2 hours because you have bad cell service.

If you are like me and hate dancing with a ton of stuff in your hands, but don’t have a Camel Back (because those things ain’t cheap), those water bottles with loops that can hook on to belt loops or a backpack/purse handle could be your best friend.

Take Advantage of All that Float Fest has to Offer!

Any time out of the scorching Texas sun is going to be of utmost value to you this weekend. The festival has shuttles to cover almost every leg of your journey.

There are party buses to take you to the festival from Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio and they will take you back too! Shuttle pass prices vary from city to city. You can also buy a Frigid Float Lounge pass for access to some chilly AC whenever your little heart desires. It will be the best $30 you ever spend!

However you prepare for this weekend, be smart, have fun and FLOAT ON. (Modest Mouse pun intended.) Don’t forget to keep the river clean! Your mama ain’t here to clean up after you. Check out the lineup and schedule below. You can still purchase day passes or a full weekend pass here.

UPDATE: Due to the unfortunate accident involving Glass Animal‘s drummer, Joe Seaward, Cold War Kids will now be filling in the Sunday 8:15-9:30 time slot.

Festpop Staff Writer: Lindsay Shearon

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