Exclusive Single ‘Set Me on Fire’ by FLYLEAF


Music Festival veterans, FLYLEAF, the five-piece, multi-platinum alternative, hard rock band—have shared “Set Me On Fire” today on FestPop.

The explosive track marks the first single off the group’s fourth studio album BETWEEN THE STARS which is now set for release September 16 on Loud & Proud Records. “Set Me On Fire” hits rock and alternative radio formats July 7.

“We’re excited to release our first single, ‘Set Me on Fire’ today and we can’t wait for people to hear it,” explains FLYLEAF lead vocalist KRISTEN MAY. “It’s about the passion we feel when we first fall in love and our emotions are running high, along with our thirst for this great life and all it has to offer.  There is so much beauty, excitement and hope in this world and when we collide with one another and fall in love, magic happens.  I hope everyone turns this song up to eleven, and sings at the top of their lungs.”


Last week, the group–KRISTEN MAY (vocals), SAMEER BHATACHARYA (guitars), JARED HARTMANN (guitars), PAT SEALS (bass), JAMES CULPEPPER (drums)–shot a video for the song with director Noel Maitland (Speechless, Kings of Summer) in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.



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