Founder of Getin PR Jonathan Llewellyn is making you want it and giving it to you good

The PR Man Behind the Ultra Music Festivals and Top EDM Artists

So you’re an amazing electronic dance music artist with endless talent and killer sounds, but you haven’t found your outlet to the world…who do you call? With several years of well established industry success, Jonathan Llewellyn is your man. Having amassed some of the industry’s top EDM artists for his PR outfit, Llewellyn, creator, CEO & President of Get In! has figured out what the public wants and how to give it to them.

Rising to international recognition is no easy task these days. Artists are a dime a dozen and in times when anyone can post on Youtube, or can create their own website…not to mention it’s easier than ever to post your album on itunes, you have to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest. To go from “I’ve never heard of him” to headlining at top festivals – Get In! seems to be the sure fire way to get the acclaim true talent deserves. It may be jaded cynicism for the lack of barrier to entry or perhaps it’s a genuine desire to be entertained – it’s my opinion that anyone can start a business and claim it’s a PR firm or “drop an album”. You want to be seen on a billboard driving down Sunset and to have people lining up for your shows? You need actual talent…and the right PR firm.

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“Jonathan is insane for Lanvin sneakers, Virgin Atlantic and has an unhealthy addiction for Apple”

Get In!’s strategy includes: “Working not just on magazine front covers, international radio interviews and promotional mixes that reach millions of listeners at a time, but with corporate brands and organizations eager to bring their creative talent in line with their global awareness aims.” Touting some of the industry’s biggest players past and present, including Armin van Buuren, AfroJack, Avicii, and Martin Solevig to name a few, Llewellyn has built his roster from his years of experience working in the industry, for other PR firms and superclubs.

Llewellyn and the team at Get In! have risen to the top by giving equal attention to detail and care for the artists they represent. The formula isn’t simple, no doubt, but Llewellyn seems to have the right recipe: “Each campaign is specifically tailored to the client, capitalizing on their strengths and marketability. Whether acting as an extension of management, consulting on branding and marketing tactics, or using our worldwide network to position our clients globally, we pride ourselves as being a one stop shop agency,” is how he has described the logistics of his creations.

The Scene itself

The same way artists rarely reach international recognition with out the right representation and branding, festivals don’t maintain, or grow unless the party is real. Having just wrapped the Ultra Music Festival in Miami for this year, the circuits are already buzzing for 2017. This festival has undergone a series of venue changes and add ons in the sexy city of Miami since it’s inception in 1999. With Llewellyn on the scene, every year the lineup gets more talented and more intense.

Phase 1 of the lineup this year included the reunion of Rabbit in the Moon and Pendulum (having played together in earlier Festival lineups in 2001 to 2005), The Prodigy and Eric Prydz (also featured in Festivals past). Phase 2 announced a couple of months later in February of this year included some of Get In!’s past and present top talent including, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Avicii, and Kaskade, as well as Dash Berlin, David Guetta, deadmau5, Zedd and Tiesto – to name only a few.

Making room for the underground or lesser known EDM artists, Ultra Music Festival in Miami added “The Resistance” in 2015, lighting it up with a 360-degree stage installation known as “Afterburner”, designed by the British group Arcadia Spectacular – known for their “sensory sparking, boundary breaking, immersive experiences”. The trend continued this year with Arcadia Spectacular donning the crowd with “The Spider stage”.

With Llewelyn’s knack for knowing what works, Ultra Music Festival was recently given top honors by DJ Mag naming it “The Worlds No. 1 Festival”. Ultra now spans the world with spin off festivals in many countries including, Brazil, Chile, Europe, Japan, Korea and South Africa,, bringing EDM and all of its emotions all around the globe.

Want to Get In!?

If you’re an avid EDM Festival/club goer, you need to follow Jonathan Llewellyn. Since launching Get In! PR in 2008, Llewelyn has had an eye for talent and the strategy to take them to the top. Telling PR Newser, “My philosophy for Get In! has always been driven by one thing – passion. We are in this business, because of our love for the industry and our admiration for the people in it.” It couldn’t be more evident from his laundry list of musicians, artists and festivals behind Llewelyn’s master mind, that are creating some of the most entertaining sounds and experiences the industry has ever seen.

Don’t miss out! Tickets for Ultra Music Festivals world wide. Get In! will the gettin’ is good.


Written by FestPop Staff Writer

Persephanie Quimby 

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