How Music Can Impact Your Health

Music Impact on Health

Have you ever stopped to wonder why humans listen to music? What is it that makes us enjoy our favorite albums and artists so much? Why do we, as a species, find some sort of pleasure in hearing words sung and instruments played in certain rhythms and ways? Well, according to scientific research, one of the main benefits of music may be that it can actually make us healthier.

If you’ve ever noticed your spirit lifting when you listen to a certain song or the worries of the working day fading away once you get into your car and switch on the radio, you’ll understand a little bit about this phenomenon. Music makes us feel good, and it can offer all kinds of intriguing and sometimes surprising health benefits too.

Lowers Stress Levels

One of the best health benefits of music is how it can help to lower stress levels. In recent times, with the spread of coronavirus and higher-than-ever levels of stress across the globe, live stream concerts and virtual music venues have offered relief and respite for those in need, and even in regular times, listening to music can help people worry less and feel more relaxed.

Reduces Anxiety 

As well as calming your stress levels, listening to music can also help those who are suffering from anxiety too. Studies have shown that people with anxiety can feel much more at ease when listening to music, and this can lead to a range of additional, positive, knock-on effects for a person’s mental health, helping them enjoy a more balanced and harmonious life.

Eases the Symptoms of Depression

Depression can be one of the most difficult mental health conditions to deal with, as discussed in AssignmentHolic papers and dissertations by psychology students across the globe. Many people with depression manage to find some sort of comfort in music, and listening to certain tracks and tunes can help to raise one’s mood, allowing individuals to feel happier and more positive about life in general.

Provides Exercise Motivation

Have you ever noticed how many people at the gym or jogging around the block tend to have earphones in their ears? This is because music is seen as an excellent motivator for the exercise of all kinds, and many people find that listening to music allows them to push their bodies further and truly hit their fitness goals like never before.

Helps with Weight Loss

Following on from the previous point, another one of the many advantages of listening to music is the fact that it can assist with weight loss and weight control in general. Since music can be so effective at helping people exercise, it can also help them work out for longer and train harder, burning more calories, shedding more pounds, building up more muscle, and so on.

Stimulates Memories

In the same way that certain smells can bring back memories from the past, certain musical moments or tracks can also help to stimulate our memories. You may have noticed this yourself if you listen to a certain song after a long period and remember an event associated with that same song from your past. This can be very beneficial in helping to improve the quality of life for elderly people with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Music and the Brain

Eases Pain and Discomfort

It might seem bizarre to suggest that something as simple as listening to music could help to alleviate pain and discomfort. However, studies and reports have shown that cancer patients who are given music to listen to during their treatment tend to remain in a calmer and more comfortable state, focusing more on the sounds around them than the pain in their bodies.

Aids with Autism

Studies have also shown that music therapy can help with autism, especially in children. Young children who have been prescribed music therapy to assist with their autism have been shown to experience various benefits from this process, including stronger social skills, improved levels of communication, and sharper levels of focus and attention too.

Increases Lifespan

Various college paper writing services have looked at ways in which humans can try to increase their lifespan, and it seems that ultimately, one of the best potential health benefits of music is that it really might help you live longer. As we’ve seen above, it can reduce stress, improve mental health, encourage exercise, and so on, and all of these things can contribute to a healthier, longer life. So, in a very real way, listening to music can give you more time to enjoy life.

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