How to Attend Music Festivals On a Student Budget: Top 5 Tips

A music festival is a must-have in the lives of all students. It is difficult to find a student who would not want to attend a music festival. Such an event guarantees a vivid experience, new acquaintances and even new opportunities.

However, music festivals are not the cheapest pleasure and not all students can afford it. Usually, ticket prices range from $30 when you consider that the festival is local and even about $500 per ticket for a national festival (for example, Coachella).

In addition to this, festival budgets include accommodation, transportation, and food. Not all students can afford such costs, but this does not mean that you can forget about festivals. We offer you 5 music festival hacks on how to save money and make your trip to the festival financially affordable.

1.  Joint Trip and Joint Costs

Traveling alone is always expensive. If your close friends share your tastes and also want to go to the festival, then you will save a lot of money. Firstly, you can share the transportation costs if traveling by car, the same applies to accommodation and even food. If you will travel by public transport, be sure to use early bookings and various sites that will help you find the lowest prices. Do exactly the same when booking your accommodation.

As for accommodation, the hotel will bring you significant financial costs. But the hotel is not the only place where you can live! Consider hostels, as this is the best option for students. If your team is about 3-4 people, then you can choose a room in which there will be no one else besides you. You can use a site likeHostelworld which will help you find the best option.

P.S. You can also consider camping. In this case, you will significantly save your money and spend an unforgettable time not only at the festival but also in the fresh air. Consider the weather conditions and the fact that you will need to find a place in advance and prepare all the necessary things. As you know, in this instance, there will be more things. But actually, this is not such a problem!

2.  Become a Volunteer

This is the best option if your budget is limited. Usually, volunteers receive discounts on a lot during the festival. However, be prepared for the fact that you have to do some work.

In order to find out if volunteers are needed, you should look for information on the festival’s official website and on the Facebook page. If you have not participated in this before, it makes sense to try to start with smaller festivals.

Sometimes you can even find a job, for example, a waiter in a food court. The main requirement for the implementation of this task is an early resolution of the issue. There are a lot of people who want to attend the festival as a volunteer, and there are even more those who want to earn. So if you know about the upcoming festival, then immediately find out from the organizers whether there are vacancies or the opportunity to become a volunteer.

Today it is very popular to attend various events as volunteers and this applies not only to music festivals. Young people become volunteers as a hobby to get not only new emotions but also experience, make acquaintances and so on. Therefore, be sure to take care of solving this issue in advance so as not to be disappointed due to the lack of free places.

3.  Single Day Pass

It does not always make sense to buy a full pass to the festival. If your goal is to attend a concert of a certain band within the festival, and the budget is limited, then consider buying a one-day pass.

To do this, you need to determine which day the desired band will perform and go to the festival on that day. Thus, your costs regarding accommodation, food, and ticket are reduced significantly. Find like-minded people and share the main costs together referred to in the first point.

4.  Take Food and Drinks with You

Food and drinks during the festival can become the main graph of your expenses. Also, be prepared for the fact that in addition to these costs, you will have to spend a lot of time in the queue, if the festival is large-scale. Why create extra financial and time spendings? Discover music festival food ideas and take everything in advance:

  • Snacks;
  • Sandwiches;
  • Chocolate bars;
  • Chicken skewers;
  • Sausage rolls;
  • Pasta salads;
  • Fruits.

Prepare a backpack with supplies of not only snacks but also water. If you will be traveling with friends, then make sure that everyone has a sufficient supply of both water and food.

“If you have never attended such festivals before, you will be surprised at how quickly appetite and thirst arise. And to protect yourself from unnecessary costs, take everything you need in advance.” – recommend the young team from the Online Writers Rating review website.

P.S. Familiarize yourself with the festival rules. Some festivals may have restrictions about drinks in glass bottles. Therefore, so that you do not have your drinks taken at the entrance, be sure to check if this option is possible. Usually, thermoses are not prohibited, so this can be an alternative to water bottles.

5.  Look for Free Tickets

Today it is far from a problem to find some ways to get free tickets to the music festival. Most likely you have come across similar offers from bloggers or festival sponsors. Why not try this option? Who knows, maybe you will become the owner of a happy VIP ticket and save a ton of money.

Usually, such information about contests can be found on the official website and on social networks. As they say, who knows where to search will find what he needs, so do not miss the opportunity to make your trip even more pleasant.

The Final Notes

These are the main ways to help you save money for the festival on a budget. Of course, you will not be able to make a trip for $10, but it’s quite possible to save about $100. The main thing is to plan ahead and with all responsibility.

In this case, you will be able to plan all the costs and possible ways to reduce them. We want to remind once again that it is better to go to the festival with friends and consider volunteering. So if you have long dreamed of attending a music festival, then it’s worth it!

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