How to Travel to Your Favorite Festival on a Budget

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They don’t come cheap! Ask people, and you’ll hear tales of big bucks going down at music festivals. Soaking up in the sights and sounds of these events is a common scenario, and the prayer is always that tomorrow never comes. One that readily comes to mind is Milwaukee’s Summerfest.

But who says you can’t have a blast and still save big doing so? Relax; this post will point you in the right direction.

1. Not All Festivals Are Worth the Kill – Choose Wisely

If you decide to attend all the festivals popping up here and there, then your wallet must be ready to take the hit. The rule of thumb here is to choose wisely; go for festivals that feature your favorite artists. You can jettison the less established one.

You may also want to do a lot of research if you’re attending a new festival. Some promise to dish out a lot of goodies only to crash and burn when it matters. Another thing to do is to check out the organizers and the build-up to the events.

Everybody wants to get the best bang for their money. Doing these few things will set you on the right track.

2. Stalk Their Website for the Best Deals

If you’re on a budget, then you can’t do without this. You have to start searching for tickets early as most of the organizers will release them on time. What about buying them three months earlier at a reduced price? I’m sure that makes a lot of sense. But you have to ensure all other areas are well taken care of – like transportation, feeding, etc.

By providing a pay stub or student loan, you can get discounts the same way you get on dissertation writing services. Discounts are usually available for low-income earners.

There are also promotions for last minute tickets; they come at a lower price than others. But it is not guaranteed that you’ll get one. People snap them up as soon as they arrive.

3. Fly at Low Cost

Most often than not, festival venues are not the easiest of places to get to. You might have to book a flight, get on a train or go by car or do a mix to arrive at your destination. But how can you get to your destination without burning a hole in your pocket?

There are arrays of travel sites with tons of great deals. You need a little research to snap up these deals—some of which may offer a reduced price for your destination.

Book your flight early if you’re going by air. It will be in your best interest to prepare in advance and grab your ticket ASAP.

If you have a couple of reward points that you have gathered over time, this is the best time to use them on travel.

4. Use the Alternatives

This option might take longer to get to your destination when compared to flying. You may want to jump on a train or a bus if need be. You could get a lower price if you book long before time as there may be special festival rates.

If your friends are going with you, split the cost of car rental. Otherwise, you can check out a ride-sharing site for other people seeking for whom to ride with.

5. Ditch Any Hotel Plans

Summer festivals bring along with them a lot of baggage, and one of them is a spike in hotel rates. According to an article by MONEY magazine, there is a 55% increase in the cost of a Chicago hotel during festival seasons than the average. Some hotels charge as much as 77% above the norm during festivals.

A great way to save costs is to do on-site camping. For some festivals, general admission camping is part of the deal. You can pay a small fee if you’re bringing your vehicle along. Aside from the huge cost savings that come with camping, it also helps you to save on transportation to and from the venue. 

But what do you do if camping is not an option – due to restriction? Home exchange is another option on the table if you’re hoping to get through the festive season on a budget. Visit a home exchange website; search for people interested in swapping their homes temporarily. It comes at a membership fee. 

You can benefit from free accommodation around the world without paying a dime, though there are other services like insurance. But you won’t pay for a roof over your head.

Not everyone will be comfortable with this type of option. Vacation home rentals may come handy if you want to go with your friends and also benefit from assignment help. Get a large vacation rental and share it with four to eight people. 

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6. Do Away with the Festival Food

The festive food menu is always impressive, so don’t be swayed into reaching out for your wallet. From pop-up restaurants, gourmet food trucks to fine dining, no taste is left out. Learn to curb your appetite if you’re going to your favorite festival on a budget.

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Festival food can be pricey, and you don’t want to go that route. Vendors cash in to make quick bucks since travelers are willing to pay a higher price for these meals.

Bring a lot of nonperishable snacks, food, and water if you have a campsite. Others will forbid you, bringing outside food and beverages. Be sure to look at the festival rules before jumping on the road. You can also have meals outside the venue.

7. Buy Reusable Water Bottles

If you had bought water several times in the past, you could tell how the numbers can quickly add up in terms of cost. But reusable water bottles can spare you a couple of dollars. You only need to pay for them once. Look out for refill stations; they’re a critical part of outdoor events.

8. Stay with Your Beers

Mixing drinks can drill a hole in your pocket. If you want to go on a drinking spree yet, save money for other essential things like resume help, your best bet is to stick to beer. Stick to your domestic brands to cut on your spending. Avoid microbrews or craft beers.

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9. Power Bank Works Magic

You don’t want to charge your phone at the venue. It can be such an expensive thing to do if you don’t have an alternative arrangement. Having a power bank in your possession to charge your phone can help you a great deal. Solar chargers may also work perfectly for this purpose.


Music festivals are the rave of the moment during the summer, and you don’t want to be left out. If you think it’s doom and gloom when you’re on a budget at your favorite music festival, then you need to think again. You can still have the best of experiences.  These tips can be your saving grace when the festivals are around the corner.

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