Hook N Sling Visits Fluxx San Diego

Hook N Sling Fluxx San Diego

Hook N Sling on the decks at Fluxx San Diego, CA

We visited San Diego’s best night club, Fluxx, this past weekend to interview one of Australia’s most promising DJ/producers.   The venue is located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and is a National Award-Winning, experimental nightlife club.  Fluxx is known for hosting the hottest celebrities and having the foremost music performances.  We’ve been going to Fluxx for years and the venue keeps stepping up its game.  The venue boasts custom sound, lighting and lasers with ever-changing themes and theatrics that heighten your nightlife experience.  Fluxx features a 5,000 square foot dance floor with an elevated DJ booth, VIP accommodations and Bottle Service.

The sound system is amazing with fourteen 21” sub-woofers and more than 50,000 watts of high fidelity power sound.  When you’re on the dance floor, the sheer power of the pulsating bass vibrates through your skin.  The combination of music, dancing, multiple go-go dancers and a mind-warping light show, insures that you will have a killer time.

Fluxx Nightclub San Diego

Fluxx Nightclub San Diego

Backstage at Fluxx, we met up with Hook N Sling. This down under, down to earth DJ killed it last Friday. Despite a common misconception, Hook N Sling is only one person (so don’t refer to him as a group!). He is known for his meticulously crafted and ever-evolving productions.  He burst onto the scene with hits like ‘Take You Higher’, ‘Reason’, ‘Celebrate’, and ‘Tokyo By Night. Last month, he released his latest single, ‘Break Yourself‘. This single exemplifies his unique talent of blending sounds, emotions and genres with mass appeal.

During FestPop’s exclusive backstage interview at Fluxx Nightclub, you could hear the music and the bass pumping through the walls.  In fact, it was so loud back there; our recording of the interview was inaudible.  During our interview, we asked Hook N Sling how he decides what song to remix.  He told us he likes to choose songs that resonate with him. He identifies the inspiring part of the record, whether it’s the vocals or the chord progression.  He likes remixing songs because there are no rules and he can be fearless with his decisions. Being the cool guy he is, he treated us to ‘Take Me Higher’ during his set after we said it was our favorite track.

Hook N Sling On Stage At Fluxx

Hook N Sling has played at venues and festivals across the world including Pacha, Space Ibiza, Global Gathering, Future Music Festival and Stereosonic. In 2011 he toured the US and played with Wolfgang Gartner at the infamous Music Box in Los Angeles.  In 2012 he toured extensively across the United States, Dominican Republic and Canada.  In 2012, Hook N Sling made the move from Australia to the good old USA.

Hook N Sling at Fluxx San Diego

He’s been playing more at nightclubs rather than festivals right now and he likes the controlled environment of a club. He enjoys meeting his fans and feels like he has more of an opportunity when he’s playing in a nightclub. So now you must be wondering, “How can I see him?” Don’t worry; we’ll hook you up with a list of upcoming tour dates.

Upcoming Tour Dates

May 01, 2015  – Vessel SF, San Francisco, CA

May 02, 2015 – Lavo, New York, NY

May 14, 2015 – The Falls, San Antonio, TX

May 15, 2015 – Kingdom Nightclub, Austin, TX

Overall, we were honored to meet this world-renown DJ/Producer at the best nightclub in America’s finest city and can’t wait till our paths cross again!

Written by FestPop Staff Writer

Brianna Huntoon

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