Interview: Troy Power discusses growing Bass scene and notable influences “It’s almost like an addiction for me, but when you find that perfect track, it’s always worth it.”

Halifax raised DJ, Troy Power is a maestro of sound and a persistent force to tune into! Performing weekly in Halifax and all over the East Coast, his music has ignited the bass scene amongst the Maritimes. Through his journey, he has acquired an individual hard-hitting style and played along iconic producers, Hunter Siegel, Wax Motif, Dave Luce and more. His sets are dedicated to keep energy high on the dance floor, leaving audiences reminiscing.  This summer, Troy Power will be back, bringing his groovy bass lines and old school vibes to the Mushroom Stage at Future Forest in Frederick, New Brunswick. Taking place July 26-29th, along-side a glistening river front with 3 custom stages, workshops, wellness and yoga, Future Forest offers a secluded festival experience, allowing guests to un-plug and reconnect. As a magician of treble and bass, Troy Power is definitely one artist to look forward to! We had the chance to chat with him about his musical growth and style! Here’s what Troy Power had to say:

Originating from Newfoundland, you chose to contribute to the Maritimes community with your fun garage events. Since you first entered the scene, how do you feel it’s changed or evolved over the years? 

At first, and for a few years, I noticed most DJ’s and events would only come and go. There would be a lot of new acts & DJ’s playing whatever was popular, with promoters who weren’t devoted to any particular style of music. There have definitely been many growing pains along the way for the scene, but for me I found a lack of substance. Nonetheless, it is really coming along.

Today, we have this incredible sense of community amongst promoters, artists, attendees and fans. Established events are organized by folks who are eager to fill clubs with people who find hope in coming together on the dance floor. Promoters have also begun communicating with each other to help keep the scene from overloading with too many events in the same month.

Yes, I run a House & UK Garage event, but others like Home Bass, Enzyme, KAOS & Catastrophe have proven the Maritimes can enjoy everything from Trap & DNB to Dubstep & absolutely broken up halftime bass wubs. Plus you’ve always got top 40 if you’re into that sorta thing..

“It’s all about collaboration over competition. Since people aren’t choosing one over another, every event can be more successful. It also puts less stress on people’s pockets while they put Halifax on the map for these specific sub-genres. It’s even gotten very diverse in terms of the genres you hear week to week.” -Troy Power

Troy, you’ve been playing around Halifax weekly and circulating around a few cities in Canada. In relation to those venues, you’ve also performed at bigger festivals like Evolve and Future Forest Festival. Do your sets change if you’re performing for a big crowd compared to an intimate crowd? 

Yes, I definitely think I flex a little harder at festivals. It’s a different type of energy & environment. Nothing compares to the power of a festival stage. Though, I do love the intimacy of a club set too. It allows me to poke around in different genres and try new ideas.

You are known for not playing the same set twice, does this become difficult and how do you manage to stay this fresh consistently?

Dig, dig, dig, you have to dig for tunes. It’s almost like an addiction for me. I am always listening to mixes, searching through my favorite labels and pages to find the latest gems. When you find that perfect track, it’s always worth it.  I’ll sometimes direct message my favorite producers to get details and release dates on tracks I’m waiting for. If you ask nicely people often just send you the music for free!!

Your music combines sexy samples and rare bass lines with a dribble of old school vibes. What was it like evolving into this sensual style? Do you have any notable influences? 

Honestly, it hasn’t been too hard! I’ve always loved house music & basically anything from 120 – 130 bpm with a kick drum.  I was a huge fan of techno, 90’s house & 2000’s pop growing up. So, when I hear a fresh baseline with a classic vocal on top, it’s often a dance floor smasher.  My top influences right now would be Distinkt, Redlight, Shift K3Y, Anti Up, Cloverdale, Denis Sulta, Justin Martin, AC Slater & many many more.

You’re playing at Future Forest Festival this summer! That festival is notorious for its fairy-tale and beautiful productions, do you have any plans to add visuals to your set? How are you adapting to this whimsical theme? 

I won’t be doing any custom visuals this year. The team at Future Forest always does a top-notch production, that I wait each year to experience myself. Though, I plan on matching the overall vibe of the Mushroom Forest with a bit of an organically nostalgic theme. Unexpected, almost funny but keeps you guessing for the biggest hits of the year!

You can purchase tickets to Future Forest here and RSVP to the event!

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