Kaskade Drops New Music Video, Announces Return of “Sun Soaked” Beach Party

Cold as Stone

World-famous DJ and producer Kaskade just dropped a music video to accompany his new hit single “Cold as Stone” featuring Charlotte Lawrence. The video is set in a 1950’s style American Diner and has a dark, edgy aesthetic. Charlotte stars in the video, and appears to host an impromptu rave for herself in the restaurant. None of the other patrons seem very concerned and appear to ignore her altogether, but they all seem to be enjoying their food. It’s tough to say if there is meant to be some deeper social commentary, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch.

About Kaskade

Kaskade is six time grammy nominated DJ who has been producing electronic dance music for as long as it’s been a genre. His rise to fame began in the measly 2000’s, when several of his singles reached Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Top 10 chart. Kaskade’s career really took off in 2008, when he released the album “Strobelite Seduction“ in collaboration with Deadmau5. In the decade since, he has continued to drop chart-topping singles and headlined some of the worlds largest music festivals.

Kaskade’s true key to success has been an uncanny ability to select unique and empowering vocals. By toeing the delicate line between vocal EMD and Pop music, He has gained a massive following from fans of traditional EDM as well as the general public. He has collaborated with dozens of artists over the years, ranging from other famous DJ’s like Skrillex and Deadmau5 to talents that were previously undiscovered.

Charlotte Lawrence

Clearly, Kaskade’s knack for identifying new talent has not faded over the years. His newest single features Charlotte Lawrence, a 17 year old pop singer from Los Angeles, California. Her voice is deep and distinctive for that of a 17 year old, and compliments electronic music beautifully. The beautiful, young artist and model has seen an explosive rise to fame on Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram over the past year.

Charlotte Lawrence is definitely an artist who should be on your radar right now. Her breakout independent single “Sleep Talking” racked up over 9 million streams on Spotify in under four months. After catching Kaskade’s attention, she appeared on stage with him at Ultra Music Festival in Miami to debut their new single “Cold as Stone”. It’s safe to say that it won’t be her last time in the spotlight.


Sun Soaked Beach Party

Sun Soaked is a massive outdoor beach party set in Long Beach, California. Following the success of the inaugural event 2017, Kaskade has announced plans to host Sun Soaked again in 2018. Last year’s lineup was excellent – opening acts from Bynon, Ravell, and Lipless gave way to moving performances from SNBRN and Griffin. Kaskade closed out the event with a special 3 hour long set that included new music and a host of crowd favorites.

Improvements for 2018

Most people had fun at Sun Soaked last year, but it did have some first-year jitters. The venue was shared with a large beach volleyball tournament that claimed a lot of the available space. Long lines were an issue upon entrance, and for important services within the venue like bathrooms and vendors. The hot California sun was unavoidable due to a lack of shade (at least the event lived up to its name), and water stations were few and far between.

Fortunately, Kaskade has pledged to fix all of these issues in 2018. To start, the venue in Alamitos Beach will be 4.5 times larger than last years. There will be large man-made “shade structures” to keep everyone cool, and water will be more accessible. The additional capacity will also be accompanied by extra security lines to keep lines down to a reasonable size. Kaskade has also mentioned that more food/drink vendors will be available than there were in 2017.

Tickets are available on Kaskade’s Website. General Admission is currently priced at $55.00 per ticket, and VIP is $250.00 per ticket. Entry begins at 2:00 PM on July 21st and the music will end at 10:00 PM. A full list of FAQ’s is also included in the link above.

Written by FestPop Writer Ben Fulmer

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