Lightning in a Bottle Announces Visionary Art Lineup and New Co LaB Theme Camp

Lightning in a Bottle has announced its visionary art lineup plus a brand new Co LaB theme camp! This Memorial Day Weekend (May 20-25) LIB will return to the beautiful Buena Vista Lake in Southern California for a weekend filled with music, dance, health and wellness, art, and much more.

The Visionary Art Lineup

This May 2020, the Lightning in a Bottle Art Lineup will be one never seen before! The MOVA experience by Android Jones will be returning to LIB for the first time since 2017. MOVA is an immersive visual experience and art gallery featuring a full 360° dome projection experience, gallery gift shop and more. Jones and Do LaB have been collaborating on projects since 2010. Throughout their long standing relationship he has constantly pushed the boundaries of combining art with technology. This makes him a natural fit for the immersive art-minded LIB community. 

In addition, Alex and Allyson Grey will return to Buena Vista Lake to share their unique teachings with the LIB community. The pair met in 1975 while attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. They are spokespeople for the positives that can be found in exploring a psychedelic path. They are most known as conceptual abstract painters, visionary artists, and co-founders of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Founded in 1996, Chapel of Sacred mirrors is a spiritual retreat center for artists outside of New York City founded in 1996. Their work here has created a global-community of artisans and thinkers. LIB is excited to welcome them back for the second time since their last visit in 2013. 

You can catch they Greys at their talk on Visionary Culture at the Compass or at a co-led Visionary Art Hour at the ArtClave. Better yet, catch them during Emancipator’s genre-blending set demonstrating a live painting session.

Co LaB Camps

Lightning in a Bottle also has announced a new theme camp program. Here, LIB festival-goers can become a greater part of the LIB family. Co LaB Camps are a collective of camps inside the main festival grounds offering fun, interactive, community-minded experiences and art for attendees to enjoy. These will this offer LIB patrons the chance to showcase their unique and diverse creative minds. Plus, they will also allow new relationships to blossom and for the LIB community to strengthen.

No Co LaB idea is too big or too small – the initiative allows festival goers to take on greater responsibility at the festival. Accepted Co LaB Camps will be given a dedicated place within the festival to camp and execute their visions for all of LIB to enjoy. Co LaB Camps will live together onsite so that LIBers can bounce around and experience a vibrant street of boundless creativity. LIB ticket buyers can apply to host a Co LaB camp here!

If you’re new to the LIB news, check out the lineup and more information on the festival here! Also, check out last years review.

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