10 Acts You Can’t Miss at Catskill Chill

Nighttime is getting chillier, the wind a bit stronger, and the leaves are turning shades of deep auburn and gold. Summertime is officially over. No more rooftop parties or all-day brunches.

You may not be able to wear white after Labor Day, but you do have one final chance to dance trance when it’s still bearable out. Catskill Chill will celebrate its final year at Camp Minglewood and has plenty of “Farewell Minglewood” festivities in store. Headliners include moe., Lotus, Break Science, Zappa Plays Zappa, and Lettuce, but talent and freaky deaky funk drips deep into the lineup. Here are ten acts you don’t want to miss.

1. Horizon Wireless

The DJ and drummer duo from NYC blends psychedelic, trip-hop, minimal tech house, and electro/trance–creating high-energy dance sets. Harrison Waxenberg and Sol Montoya utilize elements from all around the sound spectrum. The duo’s set produces heat and sweat…a lot of it. Bring a towel and your dancing feet for the storm of soul-smashing, unique mixes. Each show is filled with wet melodies, titillating harmonies, and multiple crowdgasms. Since picking up speed in 2011, Horizon Wireless received considerable mention for every cut they have put out, with their first mix tape winning Grassroots California’s Mix tape Competition. With custom designed sets for every single show, Horizon Wireless is generating an electric storm that would excite Ben Franklin himself. Catch them FRIDAY and SATURDAY at 11:00-12:00AM at the DC Corner Stage. 

2. Speakerbot

Aashish Bansal is the man behind the robot DJ-alias. He’s been producing his own blend of deep house, disco, and funk for the last six years and can be found playing his eclectic mix at house parties, small venues, and festivals all over the northeast. If you’re ready to get robotic, the West Orange, NJ native veers from the standard festival DJ’s blend of disco, funk, and soul. The Brooklyn dance party aficionado is one of closest performers Catskill has to representing the NYC late-night club scene. Speakerbox should get a little weird at the DC stage 12:30AM FRIDAY and 9:30 PM SATURDAY.

3. Juno What?!

This trisome operates more like a “Three Stooges” than “Three’s Company,” making high-energy disco booty jams. Joey Porter, Tyrone Hendrix, and Stevie Watkins complete the core group, often augmented by artists and musicians on the scene ( including founding member Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic). These musicians come ready to make the world a better place through making people dance! Based in the music mecca of Denver, CO., the three-piece powerhouse delivers a mix of electro-funk, and appreciates both the classic pedigree of vintage vinyl dance as well as futuristic bone-shaking sounds. Juno What?! plays on SUNDAY at the B Stage from 7:30-8PM.

4. Red Baraat

Founded in 2008, Red Baraat is a pioneering eight-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. The group, conceived by Sunny Jain, is hyped for their singular sound—a merging of hard driving North Indian bhangra rhythm. Go-go, brass funk, jazz, and hip-hop are only a taste of the sounds touched on by Red. Red Baraat takes the stage on SATURDAY from 1:45PM TO 3:15 MAIN STAGE.

5. Break Science

Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee fuse generations of New York City’s rich musical legacies with their refreshingly original take on electronic music. Raised and influenced by the rhythm and culture of the city, each show surpasses expectations with Lee’s seasoned trip-hop/dub/jazz vibes on keyboards and Deitch’s thunderous break beat style on drums.

The duo released their much anticipated album, Seven Bridges, on October 2nd; their first single “Who Got it”, features a collaboration with hip-hop legend REDMAN. The pair stayyys meshing classic sounds of hip-hop with cutting edge electronic production. Break Science plays on FRIDAY on the B stage from 1:15 AM to 2:45, with Borahm Lee holding a separate set the same night from 9:30 to 10:30 at the DC Center.

6. Dopapod

Originally Boston-born and generally Northeast-based, ever on-the-go Dopapod has come light years from their DIY party roots and college basement. They spent the past four years working their asses off, holding weight to over 150 shows and festivals. They maintain to be as grassroots as their humble beginnings, but with new-found success, have been exploring the wide variety of influences that have impacted them to this day. But, don’t be quick to think that the no-holds barred openness to experimenting is unguided. Never Odd Or Even, the group’s fourth studio release, shows that their “focus has become recognizing things like melody, theme, lyrical imagery, and structure, all elements that make a good song,” says guitarist and vocalist, Rob Compa.

Dopapod plays SUNDAY from 6:00PM – 7:25PM at the main stage.

7. Kung FU

Kung Fu brings a unique sonic contribution to the world of electronic dance music. Between their intense electro-fusion and blistering dance arrangements, the group blurs the line, striving to make fusion popular again. Imagine 70’s funk-fusion meets modern NYC dance party. Kung Fuing constantly are band members Tim Palmieri (guitar), Robert Somerville (tenor sax), Beau Sasser (keyboards), Chirs DeAngelis (bass guitar), and Adrian Tramontano (drums/percussion). The quintet’s live show has been described as “lethal funk,” “explosive,” and “musically mesmerizing.” Well damn, sounds like the perfect show to me. Catch Kung Fu on SATURDAY, 4:30PM-6:25 at the main stage. 


8. The Ballroom Thieves

The Ballroom Thieves is a rock band disguised as a folk band. Their unprecedented raw energy forces fans to keep coming back for more of the acoustic guitar-, cello-, and percussion-playing trio. Despite their acoustic instrumentation, the group brings it like a bunch of drug-fueled hooligans for one performance you won’t soon forget. SUNDAY from 2:30PM-4PM at B Stage 

9. Twiddle
After their first meeting, Mihali Savoulidis and Ryan Dempsey recognized an immediate chemistry. By their second semester at Castleton State, the two were already intertwining harmony and fantasy. Staples like “Frankenfoote” and “Gatsby the Great” put the Vermont-based quartet on the map. Their complex arrangements never fail to leave crowd lusting for more of the masterfully blend of reggae, funk, jazz, classical, and bluegrass. Catch their Dead Set on FRIDAY from 1:00-2:30 at Club Chill and again, SATURDAY at the main stage from 2:30-4AM

10. Govinda
Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer and composer, Shane Madden. Studying classical violin and composition from a young age, Madden’s gypsy roots opened him up to a world of sounds. Govinda traveled around the globe learning violin from mysterious masters. Somewhere, his passion for modern design and technology led him to electronic music. Govinda has played at numerous festivals throughout North America including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Sea of Dreams, and SXSW. The sensory filled show is truly an immersive experience. Live gypsy violins, textured erotic atmosphere, and mesmerizing vocals are just half of what to expect. FRIDAY 8:30-10PM show at Club Chill.

By: Sarah Kelleher, Senior Staff Writer

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