Art Outside Announces Full Lineup of Activities and Events

Quixotic at Art Outside

Art Outside, a fully immersive artistic experience held just outside of Austin, Texas the weekend of October 24th, includes more than just a rad musical lineup. They have now announced their full schedule of more than 30 workshops, 40 performances, art installations, and kids activities. What should you expect at Art Outside? We’ll give you an inside look.

Art Outside


Art Outside is chock full of amazing workshops that take place on each day of the event. Some of the highlights include an introduction to wire-wrapping class, a ‘food is beautiful medicine’ class, mask making, hoop dancing, permaculture, acro-yoga, tons of other yoga classes, beginner poi, didgeridoo bliss, and all sorts of vibration-raising events. These events help Art Outside stand apart from many music and arts festivals, and make it a transformational festival.


Art Outside boasts an eclectic and exciting musical lineup that features acts like Conspirator, Desert Dwellers, Cornmeal, Emancipator, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Nahko & Medicine for the people, Quixotic, and so many more. While a good portion of the lineup is electronic in nature, festivalgoers can also find anything from bluegrass to hip-hop to world music here. Aside from the musical performances, though, Art Outside is known for having a number of visual performance artists as well. One such performances, the 999 Eyes Freakshow and Surreal Sideshow, a classic sideshow exhibit, features oddities, curiosities, the strange, the bizarre, and the beautiful. Another act, ARTheism, is a combination of dance and visual art that includes live hand-controlled animation projected over modern dancers. A plethora of aerial artists, fire dancers, belly dancers, and contortionists also grace the stage during most musical performances. There are simply too many to name, all of which are visually stunning.


Quixotic at Art Outside

Visual Art: 

Naturally, there is an immense amount of visual art to be found at Art Outside. Pop up art galleries showcase work from visionary artists across many mediums. A lot of the art is psychedelic in nature and much of it can be purchased if you wish. Some favorite picks include Adam Psybe, an artist who hails from Brooklyn, New York, Andy Reed from Asheville, North Carolina, and Status Kuo, the work of artist Candy Kuo out of Austin. Prepare to be inspired as you walk around and take in the aesthetic wonder!

Art Installations: 

Art installations are large and sometimes interactive pieces of art that are set up around the festival. Many of these have been featured at other festivals such as Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle. The Cathedral of Celestial Mathgic by Aaron Geiser is an interactive mathematical musical instrument, which requires your touch, interaction, and participation to create sounds and visuals. Large, strange, and wonderful installations by Charlie Smith, Christian Ristow, Michael Christian, and Shrine On can also be found throughout the festival grounds. Having these installations ads an element of magic that can only be found at these art centered events.

Michael Christian Art Installations
Michael Christian Art Installations

Kids Korner:

One cool thing about AO is that kids can have just as much fun as the adults! There are so many workshops and activities aimed at children each day of the fest. Daily arts and crafts, a babyglow disko, beat boxing workshop, Dub Academy workshops, family yoga, and a young artists mural are just a few of the activities children can explore.

For more information, and full daily lineup, visit Art Outside’s website HERE!


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Karli Jaenike
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