Bestival Announces Amphitheatre Line Up

Tucked away by the luxuriant trees of Bestival’s Ambient Forest, The Amphitheater is an enchanted world of arch amusements. Featuring a provocative feast of curious follies by day, and a unparalleled  collection of penetrating, tongue-in-cheek fun by night, this is festival is just one glimpse of The Future this September on the Isle of Wight.

Rob da Bank says: “We like to think we’re pretty open-minded and uninhibited at Bestival… and it certainly feels like that in the middle of the night down by the Amphitheatre. It might be off the beaten track but it’s definitely one to search out if you’re looking to have your mind blown by all manner of crazy things. From our mates Sink the Pink, Jodie Harsh and Scottee to madcap theatre, spellbinding poetry and brilliant comedy you won’t know what’s hit you”.

Majestic below its verdant canopy, The Amphitheatre is a well-loved, treasure trove of off-the-wall entertainment by day, including electrifying act, My Beautiful Black Dog, Shitfaced Shakespeare, sketch comedy, Mr Bestival, and anxiety comedy from Morbid Abnormal Me. Also included will be the Sleeping Trees’ live movie, dance-theatre, Shelf Comedy Duo, and an enlightening look at drug policy with Leap – Good Cop, Bad War.

Also appearing will be London Contemporary Voices Choir, heavyweight beatboxer, Reeps, Nando’s Music Exchange, plus versification with The Satin Lizard Lounge curated by Scroobius Pip, our Island Poetry Competition winner Kestrell and the amazing Roundhouse Poetry Collective, all hosted by Jack Rooke.

As day time turns to night festival goers discover exactly what lurks beneath the belly of the Bestival beast… The Amphitheatre will transform into a glitter-strewn arcadia where number one drag, Sink the Pink, will grace the evening’s stage, Friday and Saturday. We’ll also have bottle-blonde-bombshell beats with Dystopia, Presented by Jodie Harsh. Limp-wristed future weirdness from Scottee’s Camp, Hacienda legend, Greg Wilson’s Super Weird in the Woods, with The Reynolds and Blind Arcade, Backstreet bacchanalia with Figs in Wigs, homo-hip-hop from Hard Cock Life, and the chance to unleash your hidden diva with Gospeloke. Plus, there will be Two Total Losers and the Fabbo Future Quiz, all hosted by Aoife Hanna.


Festpop Staff Writer Laura Capito

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