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Zeebrugge Beach, Belgium


WECANDANCE Festival announces Eduardo Castillo’s fabulous Habitas concept will be released at #WCD16. This space encourages building connections and unity with others as well as grounding experience–being surrounded by nature. This forward-thinking down-tempo, and electronic music, this will be the debut Habitas installation in Belgium. 

It is a trend that has been spreading worldwide, spotted in South-America, Istanbul and Berlin. Events like Burning Man in Nevada and Further Future at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, can also be considered a reference. They “generate society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life, and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society”.

Eduardo Castillo and Kfir Levy, created Habitas as a boutique, invitation-only and carefully curated event series.  Castillo’s remarks that his musical influences are rooted in his South American and European upbringing, as well as his eclectic record collection, which reads like a music history encyclopedia. His mission is to always be a storyteller from beginning to end and every record he plays has a very important intention. This ”musical enchanter”, sees his music and improvisational work like brush strokes on a canvas. After having reached the end, the masterpiece will look like a world of realism and fantasy, all in one. He’s a master at layering the musical with the technical and the surreal with the real. Eduardo always leaves an indelible mark with his style and strives to bring light to his understanding and love of the environment and his carefully curated HABITAS is sure to be a true #WCD16 festival delight.

“At its core, HABITAS has evolved into a tight knit community of like-minded people, brought together by an appreciation and passion-driven creativity, self expression, and adventure. Whereas adventure, to some, may mean one thing, for the fellow inhabitant, adventure is synonymous with an unforgettable experience, or a journey of sorts. An experience guided by trust, evoking happiness, expression, inspiration, and most importantly, fun. An experience sure to end with smiles, leaving lessons and memories to hang on to, until that next adventure…”

WeCANDANCE runs the 13-14 August 2016, Villa Schweppes will host on the sands of Zeebrugge Beach, in Belgium. Other acts including Dixon, Jamie Jones, DJ Tennis, Recondite, Pachanga Boys, Vaal, Woo York, Roy Davis Jr, Young Marco, Goldffinch, Lovefingers and Maribou State, alongside a variety of electronic and hip hop talent.

In addition to the exciting music, fueling festival goers will be Belgium’s finest culinary talents, including, The Jane, providing the ultimate food experience. And for lovers of art and fashion, designers are also on board, to create innovative and stunning pieces, exclusively for WECANDANCE.

FestPop Staff Writer Laura Capito

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