Feelin’ Splashy!


Palm Springs- August 2015


This past weekend I headed to Splash House in Palm Springs- where pool party meets music festival. One really cool thing about this party is that it had the small intimate feel of a private show with festival vibes and an outstanding lineup. The party was all day Saturday and Sunday at three different hotels. Each stage was set up outside near the pool of each hotel. On Saturday I got a chance to see Nora En Pure for the first time. Nora set the perfect mood for pool day vibes, not to mention her stage presence was awesome. She looked so incredibly happy on stage and was beaming with beauty like a ray of sunshine. The crowd at this festival was extremely friendly and everyone was out to enjoy music and have a good time. I immediately sensed good vibes, great music and perfect weather. What’s not to love? Another aspect of the festival that immediately stood out to me was the sound quality. No matter where you were standing, or swimming I should say, the music sounded great. It was also great to be able to cool off in the pool while still enjoying the artist sets. Tokimonsta also performed on Saturday with her closing set at the Hilton. I had always heard great things about her sets and was stoked the finally get a chance to see her perform live. Her set met all of my expectations of being incredible with a super creative mixing style and diverse set list of only dope tracks. She even dropped a remix of one of my favorite tracks- “Lemonade” by Sofie.


Saturday night the after party for Splash House was held at the Palm Springs Air Museum. This venue was amazing! The stage was outside with planes surrounding the massive dance area and crowd. The stage production was also very cool with a backdrop in the shape of a wave behind the stage. This after party was a huge dance party all night long.

Sunday was another day filled with music and pool vibes. I got a chance to check out sets including Shiba San, Slow Magic and Trippy Turtle. Shiba Shan played “Okay.” I have an epic memory of this moment where everyone was dancing in the pool. It was dark outside yet the pool was lit up and the accent lighting made it to where we could still see each other. Girls were on guys’ shoulders in the pool and everyone was dancing, singing a long and humming to the catchy beat of Shiba’s well-known track. Moments like these are what I live for. It was beautiful. Everyone was so happy and the positive, lovey vibes radiated throughout the crowd. Slow Magic played the closing set, which was a perfect way to end the weekend. One thing I love about Slow Magic’s music is that it is great for any mood or any event. His music makes you feel good and as depicted in his name- magical.



Splash House was a blast with sun, pool vibes, music, and rad people who weren’t afraid to get a little Splashy.


Until next year- Splash House!

By Festpop Staff Writer: Suzanne Ledford

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