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One of the greatest hallmarks of recent pop culture is the exponential growth of music festivals. The road to Coachella and Burning Man began with the UK’s Reading Festival in 1961 and America’s Woodstock in 1969. Music festivals are a thread woven into the fabric of many cultures. With greater than 150 million people in annual attendance, music festivals have created not only an industry but a culture entirely their own. Music festivals are not a “millennial thing,” and aren’t designed for pirates and hippies anymore. Today’s audiences include participants from the dorm room to the boardroom, families, doctors, lawyers, royalty, and celebrities alike.

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Preparing & Booking a Music Festival is Fragmented

So what’s the problem? The process is fragmented. Festival fans are forced to go to numerous websites to purchase tickets, book travel, find festival news and purchase fest essentials. And what about discovering new festivals? So, what is the solution?

Why FestPop?

FestPop is a music lovers and festival-goers dream. They have taken all the required aspects of assembling a music festival experience and created a one-stop shop. The process of finding the right festival, purchasing tickets and essentials, booking travel, and keeping up on festival news all in one convenient site is all part of FestPop’s appeal. At the same time they’re reinforcing the reason why we all got hooked on festivals in the first place — the sense of community. FestPop has inked partnerships with a broad range of partners including Priceline and Amazon, to offer a unified experience with reduced costs.

FestPop has been producing high quality, engaging editorial content to draw visitors to its site. With more than 50+ staff writers globally, FestPop hosts a treasure trove of music festival reviews and travel guides from festivals you’ve never heard of. It may surprise you to learn the business of music festivals is not seasonal. Once the US Summer ends Austrilia’s Summer begins. There are cruise festivals like ShipRocked, Sunburn in Goa, India, Aspen Jazz Fest, EDM Snowglobe in the Sierras of Lake Tahoe, or the ten-day deep house music festival BPM in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Regardless of the season, FestPop connects you with your next music festival adventure.

In addition to its partnerships and editorial strategy, one of the features founder Scotty Moore is most excited about is the site’s recommendation engine. Based on a proprietary algorithm, the FestPop platform takes in an assortment of criteria, including demographics, interests, and music tastes and generates music festival recommendations customized to the user. The site contextualizes your preferences and suggests festivals based on your budget and requirements. 

With over 1,000 festivals in the database (seventy percent are in the United States) and complete exposures of their interworking, covering everything dynamic of a music festival. FestPop is the voice of reason in the chaos and uncertainty of music festival-ing.

Since its launch in September 2013, “the site has received 16 million unique visitors (over 45 percent are outside the U.S.)

As the first online destination for music festival lovers to discover and plan their entire music festival travel journey, the site can be broken down into basic areas of conquest.

Discovery: FestPop.com’s mission is to have every U.S. music festival searchable across every music genre in every city. The site’s recommendation system helps you discover what festivals are your scene.

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Festival Tickets: FestPop will curate the best price including pre-sale and access to the secondary ticket market.

Shop: FestPop knows every music festival is a journey requiring fundamental essentials. Powered by Amazon, the FestPop shop will provide pre-selected items from camping gear to fashion necessities.

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Travel: FestPop.com offers countless travel choices and the ability to book discounted air, hotel, car rentals, and overall travel packages powered by the Priceline.com’s Partner Network.

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FestPop News: The FestPop team covers the pulse and beat of music festivals year round. FestPop TV will produce videos featuring select music festivals and their host cities from around the globe.



Launching in 2016, FestPopTV will be a travel channel type show featuring music festival host cities across the globe and everything that city has to offer.



In closing the Founder Scotty Moore’s closing mission statement

“We eat, drink and breathe music festivals… And like you, we are always on the lookout for the next great music festival where we can find the next great band and experience. But the more we looked, the more we realized that there wasn’t just one easy place to do it all. We wanted a website where we could discover new music festivals, buy tickets and book travel in one convenient location. So we created FestPop. FestPop is the easiest way to find new music festivals. You can buy tickets, book travel, reserve hotels, rent cars, as well as shop for all of your music festival essentials, all in one place! At FestPop, you will find the most informative and engaging music festival content. Stay updated on music festival news like lineups, press releases, festival reviews and more. And… no other music festival website offers you the ability to book your entire trip in one place! We are committed to helping music festival fans of every generation easily discover, prepare and plan their next music festival journey. So whether you’re into EDM, Country, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Classical, Indie, Jazz, Bluegrass or Christian… you’re sure to find a music festival for you”

FestPop Sr. Staff Writer 

Sarah Kelleher

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