Further Future Unveils the First Set of Musical Acts for FF002

Further Future Sunrise
Further Future Sunrise (Photo Credit: Christian Lamb)

FF002, year two of the event that was considered ‘Best Music Festival’ of 2015 by Las Vegas Weekly, will bring its guests the musical vibrations of more than 70 carefully-curated international acts, transcending time and boundaries into a sublime and elevated sensory and emotional experience.

Over three days from April 29 to May 01, 2016, the portal to Further Future will reopen on the majestic desert beyond Las Vegas.  Founded by like-minded global creatives and the brains behind Robot Heart, Further Future invites the inner child in you to unleash your creative potential, to open your heart and to co-create a beautiful world beyond the mind. Imagine.  Feel.  Manifest.

FF002’s music acts span the pantheon of avant-garde. From left-field electronica to techno, old school hip-hop and reggae, to chillwave and deep house, to shoegaze and acoustic. The first set of musical acts includes Dixon, Oneohtrix Point Never, The Pharcyde, &Me, Birds of Passage, Daedelus, Derrick Carter, Donato Dozzy, Elderbrook, Greg Wilson, Hauschka, HVOB, Inland Knights, Jam City, Jane Fitz, Joakim, Joeski, Kimball Collins, Lusine w/ Trent Moorman, Matt Tolfrey, Neel, Pattern Drama, Pedro Aguiar, Rampue, Rival Consoles, Stev, Still Corners, Talal, Voices From The Lake, and WhoMadeWho.

“Great music is timeless, it comes in all genres, and does not necessarily correlate to popularity. There is so much amazing music that passes us by. Further Future’s goal is to provide a platform to share this music that you rarely get to see in a live format in one place.  Our programming is curated to accentuate your moods and emotions throughout the day and night”, says Jason Swamy, Further Future’s Creative Director and the Music Mastermind behind Robot Heart.

A musically sensational phenomenon, Further Future assembles a collective of globalists, avant-gardists and expressionists, converging luminous minds to give rise to a cross breeding of otherworldly ideas and cutting edge talents in science, technology, music and the arts. Innovation, connection and vision germinate and blossom spontaneously and organically against the backdrop of a vast desert-scape and open sky.

You know we’ll be there!

P.S. You can read FestPop’s review of Further Future 001 here.

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