Lightning in a Bottle Phase 1 Lineup


Lightning in a Bottle just revealed the phase 1 lineup for its 2018 festival weekend coming up this May. The multi-faceted boutique festival aims to present a large variety of live music and electronics most well known names. There is no doubt this festival weekend will offer a diverse and beautifully unpredictable experience.

The festival continues to surpass past years lineups and maintain its musical reputation. Each year, the lineup has included monotonous festival booking trends that define mainstream lineups today. Using all of the creativity, Lightning in a Bottle will provide immersive stage designs to contribute to the overall weekend experience. Of course, there will be the iconic Lightning Stage where guests can see  Zhu, Griz, Tokimonsta and many more live in person. At the Thunder Stage,  EmancipatorBleep Bloop are just two artists of many performing as well. The third structure, the Woogie Stage will include performances from Nicole Moudaber, The Black Madonna, MK and various others.

In Lightning in a Bottle music director and co-founder Jesse Flemming’s own words, “We’re definitely not trying to play the same game we are seeing with all the massive festivals these days when we book our music programming. Forget the big names you can see at 10 other festivals this year. For us the goal is to craft a musical playlist that will perfectly guide people along the experience we’re trying to create. We book each stage to be its own separate journey on any given day and we try to diversify it as much as possible so when you’re wandering around during the weekend you can always find something just right for you. This has been our goal since day one and it continues to shape how we book today.”

About The Experience

Attending Lightning in a Bottle is an experience like no other. The boutique festival brings together all genres of music, immersive installation art, cause-driven educational programming, and a sprawling lakeside venue that defines the overall experience. These attributions to Lightning in a Bottle have helped the event continue to grow and create a community of everyday followers.

“From top to bottom across all facets of the experience we build and curate at LIB we aim to guide people out of their comfort zones and into a place where they feel inspired and free to express themselves. Beyond the music, we have always searched for innovation within what you expect to find at a music festival. From art to workshops, to yoga and meditation, to the 5k race and the Soap Box derby, we are committed to showing you something outrageous and awe inspiring at every step of the way. This year is no exception as we have some big announcements coming up around the speakers and workshops in the Compass and Learning Kitchen, as well as a groundbreaking collaborative art project spanning the entire festival grounds.” – Jesse ‘Y2’ Shannon – Do LaB Marketing Director

It should be no surprise that the music festival industry has pivoted towards the look and model that Lightning in a Bottle has always fostered. The unique landscapes and exploration provide inspiration to other festivals and those festivals in the making. The imitation earns flattery from the original architects of this essential societal escape.

“In the United States at least, LIB is the originator of the boutique festival. We’ve been doing LIB in various forms for nearly 20 years now, and for us it’s never been about following some trend. We do it to be inspired, to help inspire others, and because it’s the only thing we really know how to Do.” – Jesse Flemming  – Do LaB Music Director and Co-Founder


LIB Lineup 2018

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Lightning in a Bottle is always looking to grow their community of followers. The weekend is full of surprises, authentic connection and a collective search for something more.


FestPop Staff Writer, Katy Loesch

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