Live Set from EDC Vegas and Exclusive Interview with Hook N’ Sling

Hook N Sling recently played at EDC Vegas and we were able to catch an interview with him. Check out his live set and learn more about the Australian producer who is killin’ it in the EDM world.





Announces Tour Dates With Far East Movement

(LA, Chicago, Las Vegas, Canada)


“EDC Remix” Of Far East Movement Collaboration

“Break Yourself”

First Listen Of Hook N Sling Official Remix Of

Years And Years’ “King”

EDC Tracklist

Tujamo & Laidback Luke – S.A.X. w/Hook N Sling feat Far East Movement – Break Yourself (Acapella)

Matt Watkins – Africa

Riggi & Piros – Keep Rockin (Original Mix) w/ Wax Motif – Go Deep

Hook N Sling – Momentum w/ Hook N Sling & Nervo – Reason (Acapella)

James Blunt – Dangerous (Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel Remix)


Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Denny White – Let Me Down (Hook N Sling Remix)

Cazette – Sleepless vs Deadmau5 – The Reward is Cheese (Nom DeStrip Remix)

Fraanklyn – Rock The Funky Beat

La Fuente – Selecta w/ Steve Aoki – I Love It When You Cry(Acapella)

Galantis – Gold Dust (Hook N Sling Remix)

Nom De Strip – Aliens w/ Hook N Sling feat. Karin Park – Tokyo By Night (Acapella)

Hook N Sling feat. Karin Park – Tokyo By Night (Axwell Mix)

Walden – Airodime (Original Mix)

Axwell & Ingrosso – On My Way (Dave Winnel Remix)

Jack Ü – Where Are U Now

Reid Stefan – For The Birds

Martin Solveig feat Sam White – +1

Laidback Luke – Rocking With The Best (Tujamo Remix)


Hook N Sling feat. Far East Movement – Break Yourself (Hook’s EDC Re-Edit)

Tujamo & Laidback Luke – S.A.X.

Years & Years – Kings (Hook N Sling Remix)




Where are you from?

I am from Sydney and moved to LA 2 years ago

What is the music scene like in Australia?
Australia has a big underground movement with bass music. I did a tour there a couple of years ago. Festivals are also huge in Australia. A big one is Stereo Sonic.
There has been a growing trend in bass and deep house music. Has this influenced your style?
A little but I don’t play too much of that sound. I listened to a few sets. I saw Jauz for the first time in ottowa, Canada at escapade festival. Guys like flume and What so not are leading that sound in Australia

Who were some of your Influences when you first got into electronic music?

Kaskade, Swedish house mafia, Sebastian Ingrosso and and Axwell. I came in writing electro house music. They were doing the best stuff at that time.
How did you get into producing?
I am self taught. I locked myself in my bedroom with an iMac. I would come from work and work until midnight. Learning to produce is a very time consuming thing. It cool because you’ve got access to all the music in the world. I was DJing at the time.
So you started Djing before producing?
Yes, I was DJing first before producing. I started doing edits and remixes. Then writing came after that.

What is one of your most memorable monents as a producer?

Electric zoo in 2012- I wasn’t playing there but I finished Reason with Nervo. I had been in the country for a month or two. The girls were playing main stage. The track wasn’t out yet. I asked if they were playing it. They said yeah you should come. We played Reason together for the first time. I got a fortune cookie the day before that said “Do something unexpected.”

Where did you and Nervo produce “Reason?”
We wrote that song in Australia while I was still living there.

How did you and Nervo get together to produce the track?

They had been playing my records. They said we love these remixes and they said we should get together and do something. It took about 6 months for us to get together. We finally got 2 days together in the studio and produced “Reason.”

Do you prefer meeting up with artists in person to work on music as opposed to sending tracks back and forth?

Yes, You get so much work done in the same room. I don’t like to use Skype. Some people say Skype but it’s so much better being in a room together working on music.

Was it scary moving to LA where not as many people knew you as oppsed to Australia where you were already established as an artists?

Yes. I didn’t think it would be permanent. I’ll see how it goes. I gave myself expectations so I wouldn’t be too disappointed after 12 months. I put my life in 2 suitcases. I started new, renting a place and getting new furniture.

Was it hard getting stems to songs when you first started producing?

I always hustled. I was like please let me do remixes.

What about bootlegs?
I just grab those tracks from the internet.

What is your favorite festival?
Festivals back in Australia. Australia is where it started for me so I have a special place in my heart for Australia. Although every festival sums up a country or place really well such as an Australian vibe or a Canadian vibe. They are all unique in their own way.
What have you been working on and what do you have coming up?
I have a new remix of “Break Yourself.” with Far East Movement. I have a show with Far East movement at exchange in LA coming up. I have been touring and have had a few shows with them where we performed “Break Yourself” live.
I have a remix for years and years coming out called “King.” I am also working on a few originals that will be coming out in the next few months.



By Festpop Staff Writer: Suzanne Ledford

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