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MUTEK, the decade-and-a-half-old electronic music and digital arts organization is bringing its touring festival back to Barcelona in 2015 for its sixth year in the Spanish city. MUTEK held its first event, a five day festival in late May featuring hundreds of musicians and artists, in Montréal back in 2000. The organization is still based in the Québecer city but now offers up its main platform (the festival) at multiple international locations including Mexico City and Bogota.

The festival is spread across various venues throughout the selected city where entry is granted through the purchase of individual tickets corresponding to a specific date and performer. Full cost entry at each venue ranges from €10-€25 with online presale tickets offered at a discount. A 4-day “Passport” is also available for €95 which gives attendees all-access throughout the duration of the event. Panels, discussions and other showcases take place and vary each time it’s held.

Mutek Mexico 2014
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Although MUTEK is now seen as a long-running international force at the front of the electronic music and digital art scene, it holds onto a sense of its origin city and proudly inserts a sense of Québec into its events wherever it goes. At the same time MUTEK celebrates artists from whichever host country in which it takes place, it is also a vehicle for its revered Canadian artists to reach new parts of the world and attain a wider presence. Likewise, the hosting venues are chosen because of their impact and involvement in the sphere of electronic music giving attendees the opportunity to experience some of the best clubs and music locations in the world.

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Here’s a list of MUTEK Barcelona’s artists for 2015 and the venues they’ll be appearing at:

Wednesday March 4


Moog Club


Move D

Thursday March 5


Institut Francais


Herman Kolgen


City Hall / Club 4

Eduardo de la Calle

Zenker Brothers

Franco Cinelli

Friday March 5


Teatre Barts

Herman Kolgen

Murcof + Simon Gelifus (Antivj)


Nitsa Club

Max Graef

Magic Mountain high

Talaborman (John Talabot (John Talabot & Axel Boman)

Saturday March 7


Fabrica Estrella Damm


Reykjavik 606


Teatre Barts

Maotik & Metametric

Robert Henke – Lumiére II


Nitsa Club

Kangding Ray

Pantha du Prince

Veronica Vasicka

La/2 de Nitsa

Der Panther

The Persuader


The honest, unique excitement that comes from being a part of MUTEK lies in its unparalleled approach to the live music experience. While one can expect the typical DJ set setup at times, many performers are equally mixing experimental sounds as they manipulate accompanying visual stimuli. When it comes to the talent, as much as MUTEK is an entertaining experience, it’s a place for admiration. The videos below of expected artists’ performances can’t really translate the live effect, the sound vibrations, sensual takeover and vibes of the real deal, but still check them out for a good understanding of what MUTEK is:

As a not-for-profit organization, MUTEK operates in earnest passion for the digital arts and creative programming. The organization grows through its promotional strive which took the namesake event to China in 2005, making it one of the first Western cultural organizations to send a delegation of electronic artists to China. MUTEK values a range of artistry, placing equal emphasis on both the greater and lesser known talents as well as both the deep experimental as well as loud and fun sounds.

In 2011, the New York Times had this comment on the event: “An international festival now in its 11th year, MUTEK celebrates electronic music. (…) Every year the lineup is gloriously eclectic, in both sound and origin.”

Tyson Parks Performing
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MUTEK was launched in 2000 by Alain Mongeau as part of his mandate as Director of New Media Programming at the Ex-Centris complex and conceived as a compliment to the Festival of New Cinema and New Media. Obviously, in its early days, it happened on a lot smaller scale than today but burned with the same fiery spirit.

Check out MUTEK.Mag for organizational and artist insights, their news page for announcements, and their official website for dates for other North American, South American or European event dates that may be closer to you. Purchase tickets for MUTEK Barcelona here.


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