Not Your Ordinary Music Festival: Wanderlust O’ahu Lets You Choose Your Own Adventure

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Itching to experience something new? Dig your toes into the sand outside of the magical Turtle Bay Resort on the Island of O’ahu and immerse yourself in meditation, water activities, incredible meals, and of course, music! If you are not the type to find the constant debauchery that surrounds most of today’s festivals or the pushy crowds, spilled drinks, and other chaos that goes hand in hand with enjoying your favorite bands, this festival may very well be the perfect one for you to attend this year!

Wanderlust will be making its return to Turtle Bay Resort for the fourth annual Wanderlust O’ahu! The kicker: Wanderlust’s headliners are not heavy hitter DJ’s or your favorite rock band; They are yoga superstars. But, don’t be discouraged if that’s not your thing. Headlined by yoga superstars Ana Forest, Maty Ezraty, Vinnie Marino, Chad Dennis and Joan Hyman, the four-day festival, taking place February 25 – 28, 2016, lets attendees choose their own adventure from a variety of activities aside from yoga. These include the likes of live music, meditation, surfing, paddle boarding, explorative hikes, kayaking, running treks, horseback riding, and fine dining. In addition to some of the greatest yoga and meditation experts, Wanderlust also brings speakers, chefs, artists, and performers alike to curate an experience that reaches your mind, body, and soul–and you’re the one in charge. Your festival, your way! 

This year, there are new and noteworthy additions at Wanderlust O’ahu 2016 and they are not ones to be missed!



  • More Mediation Classes: Due to popular demand, this year we have more than doubled the amount of meditation classes offered in comparison last year, featuring meditation teachers Swami Govindananda, Jennifer Reuter, Shakti Sunfire and more.
  • Dance: Poi is a form of dance, where weights on the ends of tethers are swung through rhythmical patterns.  This workshop weaves the basics of poi and hoop with yoga and dance. Participants will learn the science that grounds the therapeutic benefits of these playful practices that powerfully restore and re-pattern the nervous system.
  • Sunrise Classes: For the early risers that prefer to start the day with the rising morning sun, we will now offer 6am classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Classes vary and include: partner acrobatics, hooping, or our “Beach Buddy Boot Camp.”
  • Beachside BBQ: Feast on a glorious buffet of fresh caught fish and seasonal sides prepared by a local favorite Lan Thai, aka Drunken Master Chef. Notorious for her Farm-to-Chopstix events throughout Hawaii, she will fuse Asian, Hawaiian, and Mexican influences for this casual oceanfront party, which will be complete with a bonfire and live music.
  • Stargazing on the Beach: Slooh and University of Hawaii Astronomer Robert Jedicke and Yogi Ali Grimes welcome attendees to join them to experience a guided evening under the stars on the beach. The dates are perfect, as Jupiter going to be bright and beautiful in the sky the very weekend of the festival. To catch an even closer view, there will be telescopes set up on the beach!
  • Speakeasy Talks: Wanderlust has a one-of-a-kind, lecture program that features today’s mindful thought leaders, such as Emory Hall who will explain the power of travel photography and reveal its beauty, Sky Kubby, who will extol the virtues of the Raw Chocolate Diet, and last, but definitely not least, award winning journalist Susan Casey will explore the relationship between dolphins and humanity. 
  • Wanderlust Concert Series: Okay, yes, as a festival, there is music in addition to the various other activities offered. Revel in a wide variety of musical performers in many settings, from the epic main stage evenings to intimate pop-up shows. For a festival not solely focused on music alone, the talent is still up there with the competition. Experience live performances from Citizen Cope, Trevor Hall, Kirtronica, Elijah Ray & The Band of Light, MC Yogi, DJ Sol Rising and DJ Drez.
  • Wander Tribe Events: Organized by our Wayfarer Ambassador and Studio Partner teams,Wander Tribe bonus classes have been introduced in order to encourage local community connection.  In these 12 classes, you can learn new things as diverse as a traditional Hawaiian Oli chant, ways to use essential oils, or how to choose your perfect career.
  • Silver & Sage Mala Making Workshops: These workshops combine a light yoga practice with the art of making mala, beads typically intended to keep your mind focused on meditation or count. Each participant will learn the properties of natural stones while designing or choosing a custom made mala.
  • Aloha On The Water: The final event of the festival will be an epic Stand-Up Paddleboard class. Where else can you find that? Join Gillian Gibree, Sarah Tiefenthaler and Jeramie Vaine for an all-levels class—the first of its kind—touching the true Hawaiian spirit.

Whether you’re a beginner yogi or have been practicing for years, you will leave Wanderlust O’ahu changed, and most importantly, enlightened. Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of what to expect at the fest:

While each music festival differentiates itself from the others in some aspect, Wanderlust introduces an entirely new experience and adds a sense of calm to what is usually a chaotic and crazy couple of days at a music festival. With so many multi-day fests coming up, Wanderlust is going to be the perfect getaway. Can’t wait for this one.

Attendees will also enjoy unique experiences curated by a number of Wanderlust partners including:

Aveda, will present the Beauty Bar, a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Stop by for a quick hairstyling (yogi-friendly, of course!) from their experts, experience Aveda’s wellness rituals of renewal, and find aromas that help bring balance to the body through a selection of naturally-derived products that help connect beauty, environment and well-being.

Sanuk®, not your average footwear brand from Southern California, that, this year, has partnered with Wanderlust in celebration of the immense joys of Yoga and have champion its renowned line of grin-inducing Yoga Mat Sandals. In an effort to spread smiles with yoga-lovers, Sanuk has teamed up with several Wanderlust festivals to create one-of-a-kind experiences for festival-goers.  

Wanderlust O’ahu 2016 will also welcome a soon to-be-announced Sanuk brand ambassador who will participate as an instructor at the festival and be featured in Sanuk content throughout the year. To open the incredible Wanderlust experience to others, there were two interactive digital contests in which grand prize winners were chosen to experience the 2016 O’ahu festival compliments of Sanuk. Winners from Sanuk’s ‘Try ‘Em On For Sighs” contest and the ‘Always Yoga at Heart’ contest which was hosted in conjunction with retailer Flip Flop Shops, will be the lucky ones that get to enjoy four days of fun-filled, mindful living. 


To find out more information or snag tickets to this festival in particular, visit the Wanderlust Oahu website — for all of the 2016 Wanderlust Festival dates and locations, head over to

By FestPop Senior Editor & Social Media Director

Courtney Young

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