Set Sail to Foreverland

Paradigm Shift’s Foreverland, a new experience from the producers of Enchanted Forest, is calling all “pirates, fairies and kids that never want to grow up” to Lake Ladoga, California for this immersive event taking place on September 19-21.

Take a mental ship ride to Foreverland’s beautiful natural destination for three transformational days of camping, workshops, community and music. Enjoy lake access and a break from cell phone service. Bring all necessary rations or consider signing up for a meal plan (limited availability) and arrange to take all personal and camp waste offsite when leaving.

The event is produced as a coalition between various music, art and entertainment collectives seasoned in burner-style experiences. Sustainability, unity, and radical self-reliance are key aspects of the Foreverland mentality that any attendee must be prepared to adopt during their stay.

Because of the location and style of event, anyone who is inexperienced and considering participating should check out the official event details page of the Foreverland website for an extensive list of factors to take into consideration:

Foreverland Lineup 2


Written by FestPop Sr. Staff Writer 

Chris Hong

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