Stream Pandora’s Exclusive Mixtape Curated By The Lonely Island

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Pandora released an exclusive mixtape that The Lonely Island curated in celebration of their new movie and soundtrack, “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” which is out today. The mixtape features new Lonely Island songs from the film itself. This exciting mix even includes one song featuring Adam Levine, some music from the film, and of course, the band’s personal favorites

“We dug into our souls and things we loved in the past from shared experience, songs connected to memories, things that we thought were straight up bangin’…  There’s a wide variety.”

This is an exciting move for Pandora, and will be great for both the film, the contributing artists and Pandora—getting new artists in listeners’ ears! Click HERE to stream the mix!

Festpop Staff Writer Laura Capito

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