First-Time TBD Fest in Sacramento: A Reputation that Precedes a Name

TBD Fest, a new music festival by Launch Events, may not have a recognizable name to even locals but it can still boast a lineup to excite any music fan. The event is set to hit the Sacramento, CA riverfront on October 3-5

Timeless crowd killers Moby and Blondie top the list of headliners alongside fashionable acts Justice and Empire of the Sun. Tens of up-and-comers and niche favorites across genres fill the schedule for a weekend of diverse musical bliss in the warm Central Valley sun.

The event started in 2007 as a one-day local art and music showcase called Launch. After years of rising popularity Launch became a creative group whose annual gathering went through various lengths, sizes and venues over time.

Now with a name that is simply “TBD” (a play on “to be determined” and The Bridge District where it’s held) TBD Fest’s organizers are not only hoping to redefine this particular event but the conventional music festival model as well.

What is TBD? Launch wants you to decide. For the creators of this festival with an ever-changing spirit, it’s all about #whatsnext. For FestPop, we imagine a new festival experience with an amazing lineup.

TBD Fest Lineup



Written by FestPop Senior Music Editor 
Edward Heinrich
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