Utopia in Madrid June 4-5 at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid campus

A Sonic Boom Will Shake Madrid!

Utopia is promoted by Glacier, a promoter created by a team with extensive experience, who have been developing in recent years SOS 4.8 Festival, Villamanuela Festival, Zaragoza International Festival (FIZ)  and the promoter Animadas Productions. 

www.festivalutopia.com  is a new 2 days electronic music festival coming to Madrid, Spain, this June. Thousands of Utopians will be the protagonists of one great dream: freedom, happiness and fun.

UTOPIA is a urban festival to be held the next June 4th (Saturday) and June 5th  (Sunday) June from 12 pm to 1 am in a stunning venue:  Universidad Complutense de Madrid campus with the metro on the doorstep. A dreamed 2 days festival to enjoy bests DJs on the planet. The vast greens of Madrid University campus will be home to an imaginary Republic, free from the cares of the real world and joined by fellow ‘Utopians’ united through “freedom, happiness and fun”.A98615F8-13AF-4018-A844-21BDCAFE60D8

A stunning open-air venue with over 40.0000 square meters will host an amazing production never seen in Spain. Vulcano and Waterfall stages will be the place to enjoy best dance music. Supermartxe, one of the most important entertainment promoters worldwide will be in charge of the animation management and VIP Services.

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FestPop Staff Writer Michael Bayle

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