Meet the Eats of Mysteryland 2015

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In its second installment is as many years, Mysteryland 2015 is poised for another incredible year. We’ve already discussed the festival at-large, here, and wrote up our Top 10 artists to see at the Bethel Woods, NY festival, here. Today we’ll tell you about all the food and drink options – debatably the best of any North American festival – that lucky attendees will enjoy.

Organized by the internationally renowned ID&T, Mysteryland has had an emphasis on high quality food options since last year’s inaugural event. In conjunction with Brooklyn’s famous Smorgasburg gastronomic offerings, as well as dozens of independent vendors, the food options will please every palate and nutritional concern. Smorgasburg will have eight vendors available and Eats ’N Beats will feature nearly 20 independent vendors. Hope you’re not too hungry, because we’re about to dive into this Brooklyn based writer’s favorite options:


• Cemita’s

For who? Mexican cuisine lovers

Despite the hype surrounding every vendor at Brooklyn’s summer mainstay, Smorgasburg, Cemita’s is one that I can assure you to be 100% worthy of the hype. Their extremely authentic, 10 layer, Mexican cemitas – a sandwich that hails from Puebla, Mexico – are out of this world. If you’re looking for a suggestion, the fried chicken cemita is a can’t miss.

• Carnal

For who? Major meat eaters

Slow-cooked beef short ribs with bone marrow, burnt onion, and juniper, as well as pork-belly confit with apricot, green garlic, and marjoram. Sorry if you’re drooling on your computer. Started in the summer of 2014, Carnal’s whole-animal cooking took Smorgasburg by storm.

• Landhaus

bacon sticks

For who? Sandwich and bacon aficionados

Known to many NYC residents for their outrageously delicious Grilled Maple Bacon Stick – which is exactly what it sounds like – Landhaus has many other solid offerings for attendees to enjoy. If bacon’s not your thing, their BLTs, with tender slabs of braised pork belly, are absolutely delicious. Check out all their NY-sourced meats and produce on a delicious sandwich soon.

• Mofon-Go

For who? More adventurous Latin food lovers

Inspired by the traditional Puerto Rican dish, monfongo, this Brooklyn food startup showcases Latin heritage in their diverse plantain-centric dishes. Try their spin on the traditional monfongo, served upside-down in a biodegradable bowl that’s great for eating on the run (or the dance floor)

• El Gato Nacho

For who? The nacho enthusiast, vegan/veggie/gluten free

Have you ever had artesianal nachos? If not, get your tastebuds ready. Since 2013 El Gato Nacho has been dishing up handmade, well-sourced nacho platters and sauces. With lots of delicious meat options, as well as many vegan/veggie/gluten-free offerings, El Gato Nacho is the perfect option for every member of your festival squad.


Papaya King


For who? The homesick NYer and everyone who loves a summer hotdog

For 83 years, since 1932, every NYer has heard of, and hopefully enjoyed, a Papaya hotdog frankfurter. Their original recipe dogs, and their many one-of-a-kind dogs, are a case-study in how simple ingredients and focus on quality can lead to a legacy of amazing NY food. After you scarf down a Papaya dog of your own, wash it down with one of their signature tropical drinks.


For who? The adventurous and curious

With a name like Verboten – which literally means “forbidden” – it’s easy to understand why Executive Chef Chris McLaughlin believes that creating food should have no boundaries. Dedicated to fresh and authentic flavors of his Spanish, Cuban and Irish heritage, Verboten won’t disappoint anyone with an adventurous palate.



For who? Anyone with a sweet tooth

If you’re at Mysteryland and looking for a quick, sweet snack to keep you satisfied through the day, look no further than Nuteria. Their products are all made using Nutella hazelnut spread. I’d suggest getting either the crêpe or waffle combo. Thank me later.

Belle Aroma Pizza

For who? Everyone. Because, pizza.

Back for their second year, Belle Aroma Pizza is a small, family-owned pizzeria in upstate NY. Calling on 30+ years of experience, these great folks are here to ensure that your food experience is as memorable as the rest of your weekend. Good people, good music, good food. What more do you need?

PS: As you might hope, water stations will be available for all attendees. Empty water bottles will be allowed at the entrance.

Written by FestPop Staff Writer

Fitz Maro

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