MiMOSA Fights Security

MiMOSA Fights Security, Attacks Downlink

& Gets Carried Off Stage


Bass producer Tigran Mimosa took the stage Saturday night at Mystic Music Festival in Highlands, TX just outside of Houston. His performance made a splash, not because of his production value, but because of the scene he made backstage after his set.

The drama started at the airport when Mimosa’s driver was delayed. Once arriving at Mystic, the issues didn’t cease. Mimosa didn’t want the timeslot he had originally agreed to, so accommodations were made to get him in at midnight. Throughout his set the monitors were cutting in and out, distracting him from his performance. Mimosa was seen chugging from a Grey Goose bottle from the time he got on stage.



After Mimosa had gone over the allotted set time, Downlink began moving equipment on stage for his performance. Mimosa then continued playing past 1:10a.m., at which point bystanders heard Mimosa claim that he was the headliner and that he should be able to play longer than the hour timeslot.

Mimosa was visually upset when he was asked to leave the decks. He threw his microphone on the CDJ’s while screaming at Downlink. The entire incident resulted in Mimosa pouring Grey Goose vodka on Downlink. He handled the situation well only making a general comment to the audience.

What happens next is really interesting. The general festival audience couldn’t really see what was happening backstage due to the stage design which was obstructing their view. After Mimosa poured the vodka, security pulled him off the stage where an all-out brawl ensued.

William Blaine (aka bass disciple Oscillator Z) was present at the festival and watched it all go down. On his Facebook he gives us a recap of what happened:On his Facebook he gives us a recap of what happened:

…Production puts [MiMOSA] on where Downlink was supposed to play. He didn’t wanna stop playing when his slot was up making Downlink be delayed. Production tried politely telling him his time was up; he threw the mic down into the CDJs and storms off. Comes back a minute later and starts saying, “Fuck Downlink!” on the mic. He gets pulled away and calms down for a minute. Moments later, out of nowhere, he pours a bottle of grey goose on Downlink. Instantly gets jumped. And we made him leave immediately.

Talking with Downlink after his set, he mentioned that Mim0sa should watch out because the bass community is small and news travels fast. This event could ripple waves in Mim0sas career; we will have to wait to see the effects.

By BrookeYancy
FestPop Staff Writer-Texas
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