Float Fest 2017 Review: Float, Dance, Camp, Repeat!

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Float Fest can officially be crowned the hottest new festival of the summer; literally and figuratively. For the die hards that could withstand the 100 degree weather, Float Fest’s fourth year boasted it’s most spectacular lineup yet and sold out the event. Floaters experienced a jam packed weekend of entertainment between floating the San Marcos River, camping, and catching major acts like Cage the Elephant, Passion Pit, Zedd, MGMT, Mac Miller, Girl Talk and the legendary Weezer. Some other notable acts were Neon Indian, Moon Taxi, Wild Child, Lil Flip and someone you may have also heard of named Mike…who? MIKE JONES! (Sorry, had to do it.)

Photo Credit: Martha Wells

On Saturday, DJ duo, Snakehips, probably felt the heat during their set more than anyone when the scorching sun managed to start shorting out their laptops. Despite the technical difficulties, they still managed to crank out one of the the best DJ sets of the day next to Zedd, who closed out Saturday night. Zedd’s blissful sets are always as visually stunning as they are fun to dance the night away to. He shut down Saturday night of Float Fest with his biggest hits like “Beautiful Now” and “Clarity” in tangent with fireworks and confetti galore.

Moon Taxi Photo Credit: Martha Wells

A highlight of many fans’ weekend was getting to dance on stage with Girl Talk during his set. This is standard for him, but the extra treat for Girl Talk fans is that if you get up on stage with him, you get to stay the entire set, rather than just one or two songs. That certainly makes camping out for a good spot in the front worth your while!

Neon Indian Photo Credit: Martha Wells

One of the highlights of Saturday night was Passion Pit. Unfortunately, the opportunity to catch Passion Pit might be a rarity in the future, so we’re counting our lucky stars to have witnessed their magic on the second night of Float Fest. Shortly after their set, lead singer, Michael Angelakos, started tweeting out how he is “done with the music industry.” He specified that he is not necessarily done with making music, but he is done inflicting the pressures of the industry upon himself. He has always struggled with the demanding nature of promotions and touring, stating that it has “almost killed [him]” in the past. So what that means for the fans who have yet to see them live, well we’re not quite sure. What we can be sure of, is that he truly gave what might be his last set for some time his absolute best.

Weezer Photo Credit: Martha Wells

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to catch up with one of Austin’s most promising new artists, Walker Lukens. This classy gent has moves and style like MJ or Prince, but with a sound that transcends generations. You can catch our interview with him below and his favorite song off of his new album, Ain’t Got a Reason. 

Walker Lukens Photo Credit: Martha Wells

Sunday night of Float Fest was clearly the selling point of the event because the crowd felt like it damn near doubled. One of my favorite aspects of Float Fest (aside from how affordable it is compared to other festivals) is that they always stagger the lineups so that one band starts right as the other ends, so you never have to choose between artists. This allowed for everyone to experience the lively and uplifting sets from bands like Wild Child, Sweet Spirit and Moon Taxi, who got everyone feelin’ good for the night. Right after that was back to back sets of MGMT, Cage the Elephant, and Weezer.

Wild Child Photo Credit: Martha Wells

The energy of Matt Schultz (lead singer of Cage the Elephant) is truly unparalleled and you almost get tired just watching him command the stage during a Cage the Elephant show. However, even Matt was humbled by the presence of the legendary headliner: Weezer.  The best part about bands like Weezer, and there’s only a few of them out there, is that literally everyone is on the same page when a band with their repertoire of hits takes the stage. No one is disinterested or having side conversations. Bands like them are what make the atmosphere of festivals so alluring. They provide a moment where despite how tired you may be or how early you may have to get up for work the next day, those thoughts don’t even cross your mind and everyone is just belting out these nostalgic hits at the top of their lungs.

Cage the Elephant Photo Credit: Martha Wells

It’s pretty safe to say that Float Fest has become a summer essential. What better way is there to spend a weekend or part of  your summer vacation than combining the best things about summer in Texas? River floats and being just a few miles down the highway from the music capital of the world makes for a kick ass music festival that you don’t want to miss in 2018!


~Festpop Staff Writer: Lindsay Shearon~

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