Music Festival Survival Guide: The Essential Photo App for Your Next Adventure

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Music festival season is the best season; we all recognize this as a fact of life.

If you’re like us, you’re at the edge of your seat with a computer mouse in one hand and a credit card in the other the minute your favorite festivals start rolling in. Planning is the key to survival, after all.

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After you’ve successfully mapped out and organized your festival experience with FestPop, it’s important to make sure that your phone is primed and ready to capture the unforgettable times ahead!

Enter Trunx, the free festival lifehack app that backs up all of the photos from your phone securely, while neatly organizing them for easy access at any time to relive the festival experience. Here’s how you can prepare for festival season using Trunx:

Never Miss A Moment

Here’s a scenario that is probably all too familiar – you’re in the front row watching your favorite band melting faces and blowing minds (yours included). As the best song starts to play, you naturally freak out and whip out your phone to start snapping pictures, when BAM – you’re smacked in the face with that dreaded pop-up notification:

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Yup, that one. We all know it, and we all hate its insistence on ruining our concert experience by forcing us to delete pictures and videos on the spot to quickly make room for more.

While you were super busy frantically deleting old selfies and cute pictures of your dog, you missed over half of your favorite song, including that rad solo. Bummer.

With Trunx, you can store all of your photos on to your personal cloud to help free up that precious storage space on your phone and never see that dreaded message again. Once your photos have uploaded to the cloud, you’re free to delete the originals from your Camera Roll. This means saving you storage space on your phone, and lots of it. Rest assured, you’ll always be able to access all your photos within the app, and can export them at anytime in full quality.

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Create Photo Albums With Festival Friends

Post-festival, it’s inevitable that you and your friends have your phones and cameras filled to the brim with pictures that you’re eager to share. Where and how can you bring all of these moments together in a way thats efficient while still retaining privacy? E-mailing mass amounts of pictures can be a total pain, and Facebook is often too public for the albums that we want to share with only our closest friends.

Trunx provides a simple way of bringing all of these photos together in a private space; SharedPix lets you create a private photo album, invite your friends to join in, and have everyone add their photos to it. It’s super easy to remember the good times from every angle when you have a group of friends adding their perspective to your own.

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Did you opt for Disclosure while your friends favored St. Vincent? No worries – your friends can add their pictures from the artists you may have missed to complete the experience. When they add their photos to the album, you’re able to relive the festival through their eyes.

Remember that photo of you with the Julian Casablancas of The Strokes that your friend has been hoarding on her phone? Once uploaded to the album, those who are invited are able to save any picture from the album into their own account, eliminating the need to constantly hassle friends for picture.

The best part? You can make the album as community-based or as private as you want. You choose who sees it and gets to collaborate through a personal invite system.

In-App Camera Stores Photos Off Your Phone

Trunx features an in-app camera and video function that uploads the photos you take straight to your private cloud without ever touching your Camera Roll. Not only does this save you additional space, but the organization in the app will save you hours of frustration as your festival pics will automatically be organized into a convenient Calendar view.

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How awesome would it be if you could snap photos of the band you love while recording the actual music simultaneously in the background? Or maybe you want a recording of your favorite song played live, but don’t want to put your arms up for an entire four minutes before cramping or “neighbor-annoyance” kicks in.

With EchoPix on Trunx you can take any number of photos while the camera records sound. This means serious action shots of your favorite festival artists backed with the music you love, or you can take pictures with you and your friends while the hum and buzz of the festivities accompany the shots. You can even add these EchoPix to your SharedPix album to enhance your festival memories and share with everyone!

Backup and Organize from Digital Cameras

Bringing a full-size digital camera to capture the festival magic? No worries, Trunx has you covered when its time to organize these photos, too. The Trunx Desktop Uploader is a free Mac and PC app that will let you upload pictures from your computer straight to your account.

There’s no need to stress endlessly over searching for files on your computer to find an event when you can pull the pictures up effortlessly with Trunx. Accessing your memories should never be a tedious hassle.

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Tag to Organize Your Festival Photos

In addition to organizing your photos by date and time, Trunx also gives you the ability to create custom Tags to categorize photos for super-quick recall. Tagging allows you to keep track of every festival memory by keeping them categorized to your liking. Separate your pictures by days, artists, friends; any tag you can think of to ensure your pictures are readily viewable.

Now that you’ve got the 101 on Trunx, you’re ready to live it up with the peace of mind knowing that your photos will be backed up and secured.

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