Mystic Garden Festival 2017

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Mystic Garden: A Modern Techno Paradise

Mystic Garden will be back for a sixth sensational installment, June 17th, in Sloterpark, Amsterdam, that will leave you refreshed and revitalized. The event best states it, that “Mystic Garden Festival is a boutique hidden gem on the musical calendar; a special world where friendships are formed, memories are made and life is celebrated.”

Taking place in the wonderful Sloterpark, Amsterdam, this one-day fairytale getaway is a magical place where you can leave the world behind and dive head first into some world class musical offerings. As well as music, there will be organic food, interactive games, an enchanted forest, theatre acts, crazy dancers and performers, and so much more that all adds up to one of the happiest days of the year.

Creating another world

The personal, friendly Mystic Garden Festival is like an enchanted, magical Narnia for adults. It’s no expenses sparred approach in production, has time and time again created some of the best otherworldly atmospheres and party spaces. They invite you to lose yourself, to discover musical acts, and to listen to music like you’ve never before. There is a lot to discover at Mystic Garden, because the more you look, the more you will find.

Escape normality and embark on a new adventure with Mystic Garden Festival.

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Phase 1 acts confirmed so far include:

Mystic Garden
Mees Dierdorp
Space & Time
Joran van Pol
Artist Compound
Christian Wunsch
Dispar Vulgo
Artist Treehouse
Anil Aras
Samuel Deep
Wouter S
Matthias Tanzmann
Riva Starr
Artist Terminal One
Michel de Hey
Egbert (live)
Luca Agnelli
Mark Reeve
Industrialyzer (live)
Florinsz Janvier
Love Over Entropy (live)
Edu Embernon
Fur Coat
Alex Niggemann
Marc Romboy

Visit Mystic Garden @ their website & on Facebook.

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Check out the after movie for Mystic Garden 2016, here or below.

We would like to thank all of our Garden Dancers once again for being the most beautiful part of the Mytsic Garden. Relive the magic of the Mystic Garden with our 2015 after film here!!!Next year in 2016 we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in the Garden. Come join us in making 2016 the most Magical year yet!!!Event:

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Eric- FestPop Staff Writer

Eric- FestPop Staff Writer

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