Mystic Garden Announces Festival Dates For 2019

Mystic Garden offers a unique experience into a magical immersive wonderland on June 15th, 2019. It will open its doors once more and welcome you into the wonderful world of fantasy fun and memorable music. Taking place in the natural utopia of Sloterpark, Amsterdam with its lush green trees and hidden hideaways, there will be six fantastical stages. The stages will encourage you to leave everyday life behind and give yourself over to the unknown and the unexpected.

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Mystic Garden

The whole festival is about love, magic and happiness. It all comes together and takes you away into a new realm. It is a place with something new to discover round every corner. Mystic Garden prides itself on its decor with a fantasy Where the décor is the central character and inhabitants are magical creatures that come out to welcome the guests and bestow them with magical gifts.

Mystic Garden is a cult affair that is worshiped by those who know. Its’ defined by its special design, boutique atmospheres and the friendly faces who come from all over the world and all walks of life. It’s much more than a music festival. Mystic Garden is about making new friends, discovering new musical niches and even enjoying street theatre. Festival-goers can find hidden gems like play interactive games and get lost in escapist décor and next level production all in a spirited woodland that is like none other you have ever experienced.


Each stage is a carefully curated affair to make for a diverse offerings overall, with Mystic Garden, Docklands, Treehouse, Circus and Compound all catering to different tastes. There is 6 stage designs in place that boast different magical themes which creates a 3 dimensional image. This year’s event is again blessed with a world class line-up featuring the likes of Boris Werner b2b Jan van Kampen, De Sluwe Vos, Extrawelt, H.O.S.H., Dominik Eulberg, Secret Cinema, Cliff de Zone, Industrialyzer (live), Joran van Pol, Kaiserdisco, Nicole Moudaber, Paul Ritch, Benny Rodrigues, Prunk, Nic Fanciulli, Chris Stuffy b2b Reiss, Wouter S b2b Luuk van Dijk, The Advent and many more.

A- Z per stage
Mystic Garden
Boris Werner b2b Jan van Kampen
De Sluwe Vos
Extrawelt (live)
Cliff de Zoete
Dominik Eulberg
Lucky done Gone
Secret Cinema
Industrialyzer (live)
Joran van Pol
Nicole Moudaber
Paul Ritch
Benny Rodrigues
Chris Stussy b2b Reiss
Nic Fanciulli
Wouter S b2b Luuk van Dijk
Dispar Vulgo
Jorn Luka
Remco Beekwilder
The Advent – 90s techno set
All in all, for more information on Mystic Garden, follow its’ socials:

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Katherine Bennett FestPop 2019

FestPop Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett


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