ATHRS Proves Pop Punk Isn’t Dead With His New Single ‘Do Not Disturb’

Electronic pop-punk artist, ATHRS collaborated with Christian Alexander to release his newest project today, ‘Do Not Disturb’. ATHRS says of the upcoming release: “The strongest possible drug for a human being is another human being… ‘Do Not Disturb’ is an emotional song about reconciling lost love and returning to the freedom of youth. There’s a lot of raw emotion put into this track and that’s what I hope people feel from hearing it.”

Along with the release of his single, ATHRS announced news of his four-song EP Pop Punk is Dead. It is slated for release in the summer of 2018 and it will showcase ATHRS infamous sound that meshes electronic beats with pop-punk angst.

Hailing from Florida, ATHRS bridges the gap between electronic and pop punk music. He does an incredible job of pairing anthemic sing-along melodies, razor sharp guitars, and impressive production elements. ATHRS is bringing unparalleled emotion and realness to the sometimes stagnant and repetitive music scene of 2018.

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FestPop Staff Writer, Azita Lotfi

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