Chadwick Stokes The Horse Comanche Cover
Photo Credit: Chadwick Stokes

Boston, Massachusetts musician and do-gooder Chadwick Stokes new album The Horse Comanche is available now. The album is shelved in select stores across the US, see full list below. It can also be purchased at iTunes and Amazon or streamed on Spotify and Rdio.

Chadwick Stokes The Horse Comanche Cover
Photo Credit: Chadwick Stokes

Chadwick Stokes carries a classic folk/rock sound that could just as easily be placed in a decade past while maintaining its recentness through few key experimental ideas. The Horse Comanche is a sweet, strummy and consistently uplifting album that induces feelings of a self-reflective sunny day. On the album, the Boston Herald said it  “ranges from hushed, hymnlike ballads to aggressive, rage-against-the-ruling-class rock.” The album’s title track was recently featured in NPR Music’s “All Songs Considered” as well.

Chadwick Stokes is 38, is part of the bands Dispatch and State Radio, and an active humanitarian. Stokes is the author of one other solo studio album and even more material with his bands. He is founder of various nonprofits and a volunteer with many others which are all detailed on his Wikipedia page.

Retailers Carrying The Horse Comanche

Amoeba – California
Bull Moose Records – Maine
Cactus Records – Bozeman, MT
Darkside Records – Poughkeepsie, NY
Disc Exchange – Knoxville, TN
Earshot – Winston-Salem, NC
Easy Street – Seattle, WA
Electric Fetus – Minneapolis & Duluth, MN
Everyday Music – Seattle & Portland, OR
Finders Records – Bowling Green, OH
Fingerprints – Long Beach, CA
Forever Young – Grand Prairie, TX
FYE – Various Across USA
Graywhale Entertainment – Utah
Grimey’s – Nashville, TN
Homer’s – Omaha, NE
Independent (6 stores) – Colorado
Music Millennium – Portland, OR
Newbury Comics – New England
Park Avenue CD – Orlando, FL
Port Of Sound – Costa Mesa, CA
Pure Pop – Burlington, VT
Rasputin Music (12 stores) – California
Record Exchange – Boise, ID
Rolling Stone – Norridge, IL
Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
Salzer’s – Ventura, CA
Silver Platters – Seattle, WA
Skip’s Records & CD World – Eugene, OR
Sonic Boom – Seattle, WA
The Exclusive Company (7 stores) – Wisconsin
Twist and Shout – Denver, CO
Waterloo – Austin, TX
Young Ones – Kutztown, PA
Zia Records (9 stores) – Arizona

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