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This week in awesome music video recognition, our kudos go to Savant for this action-packed, beautifully directed piece for their song “Kali 47.” With a backtrack of intense, roller-coaster pop/jazz/dubstep, we experienced an extremely plot-driven depiction of a steampunk spaghetti western (in all its Hollywood-esque glory) involving gunslinging cowboys and ghouls. Halfway through a saloon bloodbath, the tables turn with the addition of a tomahawk-weilding Native American in his feat of triumph. It’s actually very cinematic; see for yourself below:

The Savant behind the music is as interesting as the “Kali 47” video as well; just read his Wikipedia introduction, it’s worth every word:

Aleksander Vinter (born April 16, 1987) is a Norwegian musician who produces under the alias Savant and has previously produced under the aliases Vinter in Hollywood, Vinter in Vegas, and many more.[1][2] His producing alias “Savant” comes from the rare syndrome of the same name, which he claims has given him prodigious musical abilities and has allowed him to produce songs at an incredibly fast rate. In his lifetime he has claimed to have made over 10,000 songs [by age 27].


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